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‘Avatar’ is being released in Dhaka tomorrow 1186051 | The voice of time

‘Avatar’ is being released in Dhaka tomorrow 1186051 | The voice of time
‘Avatar’ is being released in Dhaka tomorrow 1186051 | The voice of time

Viewers must remember James Cameron’s movie ‘Avatar’. Released 13 years ago, the movie holds the highest grossing record in the history of cinema till date. After its release in 2009, ‘Avatar’ created an uproar in the film world using completely new technology at that time. The movie has grossed over $2.8 billion worldwide so far, which is the highest of all time.


The movie was nominated in 9 Oscar categories and won three awards that year. Since then countless viewers are waiting for the next film.

The new film ‘Avatar: The Way of Water’ is coming on the screen to end the wait on December 16. But before that, the old ‘Avatar’ is returning to the screen. This record-breaking film is releasing again on September 23. This time the film will be shown in FourK High Dynamic Range format. However, the makers have planned to release the film for only two weeks. ‘Avatar’ was released in OTT many years ago. However, it is reported that the OTT streaming of the film will be off during its run in cinema halls. Along with other countries of the world, viewers can watch the film at Star Cineplex in Bangladesh.

The director thought of making Avatar soon after James Cameron’s ‘Terminator 2’ took the box office by storm. Cameron wrote an 80-page screenplay for it in 1994. But due to the lack of technology to make the film, the plan was boxed. Titanic was built. This film was a record commercial success and won 9 Oscars. In 2005, Cameron’s wait was over. 3-D technology virtual cameras and other accessories come within reach. James Cameron used state-of-the-art cinematic graphics to create Avatar. A stereoscopic sound system was also used for the first time in a film.

Naturally, the audience’s curiosity about this film ‘Avatar: The Way of Water’ is at its peak. This time the fight will continue in the water. The trailer of the movie has been released to give the audience some idea of ​​what the fight will be like. As seen in the teaser, James Cameron has created an aquatic world for the audience. He has brought together more fictional characters in this episode. Avatar’s Verified Facebook teaser went viral within 19 hours of release.
It is getting a lot of praise on social media. And it is clear how eagerly the fans are waiting for the movie. The news of the old ‘Avatar’ coming back to the screen has given a new boost to this interest. Those who saw the film 13 years ago can be nostalgic, while those who haven’t seen it can seize the opportunity. Many will not want to miss the opportunity to see such a film on screen.

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