The Deputy Commissioner removed the red cross mark from the house of Saaf Jai Masura

The Deputy Commissioner removed the red cross mark from the house of Saaf Jai Masura
The Deputy Commissioner removed the red cross mark from the house of Saaf Jai Masura

Masura Parveen (defender), a female footballer of the SAFF champion team, and her parents live in the Roads and Highways Department area of ​​Satkhira. They have no land of their own. A few years ago, Masura’s father got the 8th century government khas land settled in his name. But Masura’s poor father could not build a house because the land was low and waterlogged. They are currently living in government private land on the road side of the road department.

Recently the road department has taken the initiative to widen the road. Following this, the road department has issued an eviction notice to Masurad’s house. An order has also been given to demolish the house within the next week. The house is marked with a red cross. Where will the poor family of female footballer Masura? Just when the whole family was depressed at this thought, news came of Masurad’s fame for the country. When there is a flood of happiness in Dhaka with Masuras, Masura’s thoughts do not leave behind. Where to go home, where to keep poor parents. Where will they find a place to relax.

Satkhira District Commissioner Mohammad Humayun suddenly appeared at Kabir Masura’s house on Thursday afternoon to inquire about the family. Go and find out about their helplessness. He immediately ordered the removal of the red cross marked on Masura Parveen’s house.

Abdul Alim, chairman of Labsa Union Parishad of Sadar Upazila, deleted it in the presence of Sadar Upazila Executive Officer under the direction of Satkhira District Commissioner.

Masura’s father Rajab Ali said, I was very worried after giving this red mark. When the matter came to the attention of the administration, they deleted it.

Satkhira Labsa Union Parishad Chairman Abdul Alim said, Masura is not only the pride of Satkhira or our Labsa Union but the pride of our entire Bangladesh. I manually removed the red cross sign given by Sauz. For that, we will definitely keep a close watch on behalf of the Union Parishad.

Deputy Commissioner of Satkhira. Humayun Kabir said, until the family of Masura Parveen moves their house from the designated area of ​​Bangladesh Road Department and builds a new house, they (Sawz) have been ordered to suspend their work. In the name of Rajab Ali, Masura’s father, 8th century government Khas land settlement has been given earlier. That land is a little low. If you want to build a house, you have to fill the soil there. Satkhira district administration will provide all kinds of assistance in this regard.

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