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What the open-top ‘Champion’ bus driver said

What the open-top ‘Champion’ bus driver said
What the open-top ‘Champion’ bus driver said

In the country’s bankrupt situation, the joy of Sri Lanka’s Asia Cup victory overshadows everything. Lankans welcomed Dasun Shanakas in an open-top double-decker bus.

Sanjeedar, the star who won Saaf football, likes that excitement. And honoring his wish, Bangladesh welcomed the winners in an open-top bus for the first time.

The open-top bus left for Bafuf at 3:30 pm on Wednesday with the tigresses as soon as they set foot in the country after losing the Himalayan girls. Minister of State for Youth and Sports Zahid Ahsan Russell MP and others boarded Sabina’s ‘Champion’ bus.

The open-top bus runs slowly from the airport to Motijheel.

The bus driver was overwhelmed with excitement about Sabina’s achievement and the open-top bus. Who drove the bus for more than 5 hours to take the clear winners to Buffe Bhavan. Many do not know his name.

The name of the driver of the open-top bus is Abdul Kalam. He himself was elated and proud to witness the memorable day. He cited September 21 as the best day of his career as a driver.

Bus driver Abdul Kalam said, ‘One of the best days of my driving life. I never imagined that women footballers would win clear football and I would carry them as a driver… I never imagined it.’
He said, the time of opening and decorating the roof of the bus will also be memorable. How much hard work and sincerity have been shown by BRTC officials and workers in one night. It is difficult to cut the roof off an entire bus and make it tidy and habitable overnight. It was possible with everyone’s sincerity.

It is natural to say so. And Abdul Kalam did not drive the bus as usual. There have never been so many arrangements around his bus.

At the end of the day, Sabina, Maria, Krishnad sang kirtans, but many also praised the open-top bus driver.

On Wednesday, Abdul Kalam’s open-top bus was preceded and followed by security forces, media vehicles and many enthusiastic football fans. Thousands of people on both sides of the road. Some are in the car, some are standing and waving.

Many are recording videos. Many are taking selfies. Pedestrians stand on footover bridges and greet. Standing on the roof of the bus, Sabina-Krishna happily danced and waved the national flag and responded to the love of thousands of people standing on both sides of the road.

Abdul Kalam’s bus from the airport via Kakali via Mohakhali flyover, Jahangir Gate, after the Prime Minister’s office, comes to Vijay Sarni via Tejgaon and again via Flyover via Mouchak to reach Kakrail. From Kakrail, the champions went to Bauffe Bhavan via Fakirapool, Arambagh and Motijheel Shapla Square.

The article is in Bengali

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