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29 eggs of Padma Gokhra from playground in Barisal

29 eggs of Padma Gokhra from playground in Barisal
29 eggs of Padma Gokhra from playground in Barisal

Barisal: 29 eggs of Padma Gokhra were recovered from a playground in Barisal Nagar.

On Thursday (September 22) at 1.30 pm, the eggs were recovered by digging the soil from the field adjacent to Jessore Color House, Band Road, Barisal Nagar.

But no snake was found in the hole.

Syeda Sabikun Nahar Tuba, the organizer of an organization called Animal Welfare Fair of Barisal, said that we were informed about the snake on the mobile phone. Later 8-10 people of our team came to the spot. However, although no snake was found here, I found 29 eggs of Padma Gokhara. Forest department experts have confirmed to us that the eggs are of Padma Gokhra snake.

He said, we will complete the hatching process with the eggs. Later these will be released to the forest through the forest department.

Local resident Md. Jamal Sikder said, brother-friend cricket tournament is going on in this field. When I started cutting the ground due to water accumulation in the field, I saw a hole in which there were snake eggs. Later the members of Aliment Went Fair of Barisal came and rescued the eggs.

Syeda Sabikun Nahar Tuba said, after the rescue operation on Band road, we came to Kathaltala area of ​​Rupatali. A Padma Gokhara snake has also been spotted here. But it was gone before we arrived. Present time is the season of laying eggs of snakes, so snakes are rampant. For some time now, such poisonous snake infestation is seen in Barisal.

Bangladesh Time: 1524 hours, September 22, 2022

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