Death of honors student during caesarean section

Death of honors student during caesarean section
Death of honors student during caesarean section

Tongi Hossain Market A student of honors of Tongi Government College died during delivery at Dhaka Imperial Hospital. The local mob surrounded the hospital and blocked the road to protest the sudden death of a relative and neighbour.

Tongi West Police Station Police OC Shah Alam confirmed the news of the maternal death to Jankantha around 5 pm on Thursday.

The name of the deceased maternity student is Lovely Akhtar. Father’s name is Jahangir Alam. Husband’s name is Mizanur Rahman Titu. He is a businessman. Their house is in block number 3 of Ershad Nagar.

On Wednesday afternoon, starting from organizing the caesarean and running from the hospital to the hospital with the patient, the woman in labor finally died. Relatives alleged that the doctors performed a caesarean section on Lovely without giving a sedative injection.

Relatives who were in front of the operation theater told Janakantha that when the doctors started to perform cesarean delivery, everyone went inside the room after Lovely screamed and saw that the doctors were performing Caesarean section on Lovely without giving an anesthetic injection.

In this situation, it is also alleged that the doctors put the patient to sleep with sleeping tablets. Lovely’s businessman husband Titu told Janakantha on Thursday evening that Lovely was an Honors student of Commerce Department at Tongi Government College.

The day before yesterday too, Lovely went to Jaidebpur Bhawal College to take the exam with a baby in her stomach. Relatives alleged that the premature death happened due to gross negligence of the doctors. The husband wants a fair trial.

Titu also said that after contracting with the doctors of the hospital, the price of caesarean section is 37 thousand taka. Even after this they took another 30 thousand taka saying the serious condition of the patient.

Titu also said that two and a half hours after giving birth to a daughter by caesarean section on Wednesday afternoon, they were informed that the labor condition was serious. In this situation, the doctors of the hospital sent his wife to Ever Care Hospital in Dhaka.

After being kept there on Wednesday afternoon and Thursday morning, he was again brought to Dhaka Imperial Hospital in Tongi. Hospitals in Dhaka cost more than lakhs of taka. After bringing the patient to Tongi, the patient was alive till 5 pm.

Local crowd started protesting in front of the hospital since Thursday morning as the news of the death spread before the delivery. When the news of the death was confirmed in the afternoon, one side of the road in front of Janata Hospital was blocked by the Dhaka Tongi Gazipur highway.

Police quickly cleared the crowd and normalized traffic. OC Shah Alam of Tongi West Police Station told Janakantha that the incident of obstetric caesarean started on Wednesday afternoon. The deceased Lovely Akhter was under the supervision of doctor Salma Nahar of that hospital. That doctor is a gynecologist.

Tongi college student obstetrician got married 4 years ago. They also have a daughter before. The newborn baby girl is also healthy.

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