Farmers of Sherpur in Bogra are worried about vegetable seedlings

Farmers of Sherpur in Bogra are worried about vegetable seedlings
Farmers of Sherpur in Bogra are worried about vegetable seedlings

Raninagar area of ​​Baitkhar and Garidah Union of Seemabari Union of Sherpur in Bogra is known as Sabzi-Chara Village. Every year the seedlings produced in these two villages of the upazila are sold for about two crore taka. But this time the seedlings are not being sold due to unfavorable weather. Farmers are worried about not being able to sell.

On Wednesday (September 21) at around 12 noon, it can be seen that, in these two villages, appropriate seedlings have been planted by planting seeds with special care including wrapping the seed bed with polythene to occupy the vegetable market of the winter period in advance. Sherpur upazila has a special demand for winter vegetable seedlings among the farmers.

Produced different varieties of brinjal, pepper, tomato, cauliflower, cabbage seedlings are collected and cultivated by the farmers of different districts of the country including Mymensingh, Tentulia, Thakurgao, Kurigram, Natore, Jaldhaka, Nandigram, Shajahanpur. Farmers of this upazila fulfill a large part of the demand of vegetable seedlings not only in winter but throughout the year. But this time the farmers are worried because half of it is sold.

Talked to Bablu Mia, Abdur Razzak, Munjul Hossain, Khalek of Betkhair area and Sharif Uddin Mintu, farmer (seed planting) of Raninagar village. They said that they started preparing the land at the end of the first month. At the beginning of Ashad month, polythene canopy should be placed over the seedling seed bed to protect it from rain and sun. We produce these seedlings using our own technology, care, fertilizers and fungicides. These seedlings are sold up to five months. Seedlings can be made three to four times in these five months. Seedlings for early vegetable cultivation have been prepared. We are busy taking over the winter vegetable market. Although there is a demand for fodder, the weather is not favorable this time. That is why the demand for fodder is low at present.

Nifa nursery farmer (seed planting) Rohan said that one kg of seeds produces about one lakh seedlings. Among them, 10,000 is lost. Every thousand tomato seedlings were sold for 2600 to 3000 taka during last year’s season. This time the flower season has not yet started but currently it is being sold at a low price. Fodder prices will increase during the season. The price of pepper, eggplant, cauliflower, cabbage seedlings is higher this year than last year.

Kabir Hossain, who came to take seedlings from Nilphamari, said that the seedlings of Bijli pepper and leader coppice and tomato are very good here. So we collect seedlings from here every year and take them in packets. I am collecting seedlings to take the vegetable market in advance. This time, the price of fodder has also increased due to the increase in the price of everything.

Rafiqul Islam, who came to collect seedlings from Nandigram, said that we are collecting seedlings of leader coppice, bijli pepper and tomato. Within 60 days of planting, the cauliflowers produced by the farmers will come to the winter market. In the meantime, gourd, shrimp, radish have started to appear in the market. Beans, tomatoes, brinjal will be available in the market in a few days, he said.

Ranihat farmer Shi Shumhant said, I have been cultivating different types of vegetables for 14 years. Last year, I made a profit of Tk 130,000 after cultivating cauliflower on one acre of land. If the current market and weather is good, I am expecting to earn lakhs of rupees from the same land.

There are several landless farmers in Sherpur Upazila. Those who rented or leased land and cultivated different varieties of vegetables changed their fortunes. In these vegetable fields, the families of many agricultural workers sell their labor for a daily wage of Tk 300 for girls and Tk 500 for boys.

Sherpur Upajlo Agriculture Officer Sharmin Akhter said that seeds have been planted in seven hectares of land this year. In Sherpur upazila, the target of vegetable cultivation has been set in one thousand 700 hectares of land in rabi season. Cultivation is ongoing. Farmers are always being advised by the agriculture department to use modern farming methods for higher yield. If the weather is favorable, the farmers are expected to be very profitable this year.

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