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Eman-nipun, show houseful saw ‘Veeratva’ with audience at Rajbari

Eman-nipun, show houseful saw ‘Veeratva’ with audience at Rajbari
Eman-nipun, show houseful saw ‘Veeratva’ with audience at Rajbari

‘Birtva’ directed by young director Saidul Islam Rana was released in 35 theaters of the country on September 23. A major part of this movie is shot in different areas of Rajbari and Faridpur region.

Because of that, the audience there had an extra interest in the film. Due to the shooting in Rajbari, Faridpur region and the demand of the audience, the concerned people planned a special promotion of the movie. So the ‘Veeratva’ team rushed there after the release of the movie.

The entire unit including filmmaker Saidul Islam Rana, actor Eman, Nipun Akhter, Jasmine appeared at Rajbari’s Sadhana cinema hall on Wednesday afternoon. The audience thronged the cinema premises to watch the movie with them. The show becomes houseful.

Realizing the presence of Imon-Nipun, many visitors rushed from the surrounding areas. After the show, they left the hall under police guard.

Actor Eamon said, ‘Since before the release of the movie, the fans of this region were knocking me on social media, when will the brother come to this hall. Many people have already seen the movie and are appreciating it, it feels good. I saw so many visitors after coming here. In fact, Bengali cinema has not been lost.’

Nipun Akhter said, ‘Running here from Dhaka is worthwhile. After a long time, I saw a movie in the district town. I am overwhelmed with the way everyone is accepting us, our movies. It seems that Bengali cinema is not lost.’

(Dhakatimes/21 September/LM/AH)

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