Mirza Fakhrul should go to Pakistan: BFUJ

Mirza Fakhrul should go to Pakistan: BFUJ
Mirza Fakhrul should go to Pakistan: BFUJ

Mirza Fakhrul should go to Pakistan: BFUJ

Dhaka, September 21, 2022 (BASS): Strongly condemning and protesting the speech of Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir, ‘Pakistan was better’, the leaders of BFUJ-Bangladesh Federal Union of Journalists said that if Mirza Fakhrul considers Pakistan as a place of comfort, they should go to that country with their forces. Journalist society of Bangladesh thinks.
The leaders said that in a free country, the bearers of other countries cannot do politics. Therefore, Mirza Fakhrul has no right to do politics in this country. Bangladesh has no responsibility to protect the rights of any Pakistan supporter.
BFUJ President Omar Farooq and Acting Secretary General Rashed Ripon said these things in a statement issued today on behalf of Bangladesh Journalists Society.
The leaders said that Mirza Fakhrul should apologize to the nation for this comment. If he doesn’t apologize, he should go to Pakistan with them. Body in Bangladesh and mind in Pakistan, such a person cannot be a citizen of Bangladesh.
In the statement, the leaders said that the journalist community was angry at the statement of the BNP Secretary General but was not surprised. Because their party founder Ziaur Rahman could not read and write Bengali language, their party chairman Begum Khaleda Zia expressed her love for Pakistan by sending a condolence message on the death of Pakistani General Janjua. When Bangladesh tried the 1971 war criminals, there were many BNP policymakers on the list. A motion was taken in the Pakistan Parliament against their trial. So Mirza Fakhrul’s speech is part of his continuation.

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