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Champion girls soaked in love on the streets of Dhaka

Champion girls soaked in love on the streets of Dhaka
Champion girls soaked in love on the streets of Dhaka

Sanjidara made the dream come true. They kept talking. A welcome was deserved for the tigresses of Bengal. Making history, Sabina-Krishna returned home after winning the title of Safar from the Himalayan peaks. Soaked up by the warm welcome at the airport back home, Sanjidara squeezes into the open-top Champion bus of their dreams.

The golden girls started the champion journey from the airport with the champion trophy in the bus waiting for the champions. Sabina-Sanjida-Mariara are moving towards Buffe office after being soaked in the love of countless people on the streets of Dhaka.

As soon as Sabina’s champion journey started from the airport, numerous people can be seen on both sides of Dhaka’s highway. Some are running past the champion’s bus, some are standing and waving. From the airport to Motijheel Bafuf office, every road is jammed with people. They are also accompanied by media and sports related vehicles.

Sanjidara standing with the champion trophy in an open-top bus. Bengali braves wave Bangladesh flag and wave their hands to greet countless people waiting for them.


Before taking to the field in the SAFF final, Sanjeeda regretfully wrote on her Facebook page, ‘It’s okay not to stand with the trophy in the open-top champion bus, to win it for the people who helped us touch the green grass, leaving aside the society’s tip-off. ‘


That one line of Sanjida has created a storm in the hearts of the people of the country. After winning the championship, the general public also demanded an open-top bus for these girls.

Sanjida’s Facebook post was seen by State Minister for Youth and Sports Zahid Ahsan Russell. Later, with the joint efforts of the Ministry and Bangladesh Football Federation (BAFFE), an open-top champion bus was prepared for Sanjidad within a day. Sanjidad’s dream Champion Bus was created by cutting off the roof of a double-decker bus of BRTC, wrapping the same bus in the image of champions.


Before the Sanjidas returned from Nepal, they got the news of the open-top bus being prepared for them. They were also waiting when the champion would travel in that open-top bus with the champion trophy back home. Their dreams have been fulfilled.

Before this, the tigresses of Bengal received a warm welcome back home. The Biman Bangladesh Airlines flight carrying the winning team landed at Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport at 1:45 PM. Bangladesh Biman flight BG 372 carrying Sanjidad took off from Kathmandu at 12:15 PM.

Zahid Ahsan Russel, State Minister for Youth and Sports of the Government of Bangladesh welcomed the gold girls by cutting a cake with captain Sabina Khatun at the airport. Sanjidad was welcomed with sweets and flowers.

Team coach Golam Rabbani Choton and BAF Women’s Wing Chairman Mahfuza Akhtar Kiran were also felicitated on the occasion.

Sanjidad’s champion bus will reach Bafufe Bhavan from the airport via Kakali-Jahangir Gate-PM Office-Vijay Sarani-Fakirapool.

When the champions reach the BAFFE office in Motijheel after the journey, BAFEF president Kazi Salauddin will welcome these golden girls.

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