This trophy belongs to all of Bangladesh: Sabina

This trophy belongs to all of Bangladesh: Sabina
This trophy belongs to all of Bangladesh: Sabina

Bangladesh women’s football team returned home after conquering the Himalayas. Captain Sabina Khatun returned home and dedicated the clean title to the people of the country.

The captain of Bangladesh spoke to the media after the formalities at the airport. At this time, he thanked the BAFUF, the Ministry and the supporters.

Sabina said, ‘Thank you very much to everyone. We are grateful to everyone for welcoming us like this. We are very proud that you love Bangladeshi footballers so much. Pray for us. This trophy is for all the people of Bangladesh.

The Bangladesh team does not want to stop after the clear victory. Sabina-Sapnad now has her sights set on success at the Asia level, including next year’s SAFF Games success.

Sabina said, ‘We have had success in South Asia. Now our goal is how to go further.’

Sabina said that Safar’s success did not come easily. ‘This title is the result of hard work of the last decade. The captain thanked all concerned for supporting the team for a long time.

Sabina did not make a mistake in thanking the Buff President. “The biggest thanks goes to BAUF President Kazi Salauddin Sir, Head of Women’s Wing Kiran Apa and other related officials and Minister Sir. With their help, football has been going well since 2012. If you see the success and hard work of the girls in the last four-five years, this title is the result. We are grateful to everyone.’

After a warm welcome at the airport, the women’s football team is being taken to the Bafuff building in an open-top bus. Bangladesh Football Federation will welcome the team there.

The hopes of Sanjida-Sabina Khatuns have been fulfilled by dropping the roof of BRTC’s double-decker bus. The bus route has been fixed- from Airport to Kakali, Jahangir Gate, PM Office, Tejgaon, Mouchak, Kakrail via Bafufe Bhavan. Sabina will be welcomed again at Bauffe Bhavan.

Earlier, State Minister for Sports Zahid Ahsan Russell welcomed them at the airport. At this time they are welcomed with sweets and flowers.

The plane carrying Sabina reached the airport at 1:40 PM.

The article is in Bengali

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