The government has declared war on the people: Rob

The government has declared war on the people: Rob
The government has declared war on the people: Rob

Jatiya Samajtantrik Dal (JSD) president ASM Abdur Rab said that the government is attacking the program of the opposition party. The government has declared war on the people. We will discuss with everyone in the society. Addressing the ruling Awami League government, he said, ‘The government is saying that attacks cannot be carried out without instructions. So the previous attacks have been ordered? You will not find an escape route. Those who killed their relatives will be caught. We will tell to catch.’

On Wednesday (September 21), Rob said these things at an exchange meeting organized by the Democracy Forum at Jahur Hossain Chowdhury Hall of the National Press Club.

The democracy of Bangladesh is not of the people, the democracy of this country is the democracy of the political party, JSD President commented and said that 96 percent people of the country do not do politics. They are laborers and professionals. We want to take the views of these people and their direct participation.

JSD president said, we will form a commission by talking to various professionals. We will not impose anything on anyone. The political situation in Bangladesh is very dire. Cases have been filed against those who have been tortured. This state no longer exists. This state is not a people’s state. We did not fight for this country.

ASM Abdur Rab said, during the dollar crisis, they are buying EVMs by spending crores of rupees. What will happen with this EVM if there is no election? Who will pay this dollar? There will be no election under this government and election. People will not accept this election.

Regarding the Prime Minister’s visit to India, the JSD president said that the statement of the neighboring country is not with any individual, but with the state. Through this signal, Sheikh Hasina will no longer be kept in power.

Economist Anu Muhammad said on the occasion that the struggle of the eighties was a potential struggle. A democratic system was supposed to be established through Ershad’s fall with everyone’s participation. But after that, even though various political parties came to power, full democracy was not established in the country.

He said, they want to establish a government where there will be no accountability. They can do whatever they want. If there was Rampal power plant would have been canceled long ago. Because there is no democracy in the country, various terrorist activities are taking place in the educational institutions of the country. Students-young-teenagers want to prove that their future is through this. Another part of the youth is kept in fear.

Economist Anu Muhammad also said that no one is able to voice their demands due to lack of democratic rights. The terrible culture of fear that has been created among the youth needs to end. Young people will also participate in this fight.

Jonaid Saki, Chief Coordinator of Mass Solidarity Movement, moderated the meeting. Professor of Law Department of Dhaka University was also present. Asif Nazrul, Dakso’s former VP Nurul Haque Noor, Hasnat Qayyum and others.

(Dhakatimes/21 September/KM)

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