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Breaking Hasnat’s hunger strike, DU VC says ‘no need to go to registrar building for official work’

Breaking Hasnat’s hunger strike, DU VC says ‘no need to go to registrar building for official work’
Breaking Hasnat’s hunger strike, DU VC says ‘no need to go to registrar building for official work’

Vice-Chancellor Professor Dr. Hasnat Abdullah, a master’s student of the English Department, broke his hunger strike to demand an end to harassment caused by the administrative complications of Dhaka University (DU). Md. Akhtaruzzaman.

DU Vice-Chancellor broke Hasnat’s fast by drinking water after about 27 hours around 2 pm on Wednesday and assured to fulfill the 8-point demand. He also announced that no more students will have to go to the registrar building for official work.

Dr. Md. Akhtaruzzaman said, ‘I declare that from this moment no student will have to go to the registrar’s building for official work. All work will be done in halls and departments. There we have been given local authority and necessary instructions will be given.’

“None of our students should waste valuable time by coming to the registrar’s building. During that time they should study, hang out in the seminar room and go to the library. They will not come to the Registrar’s building under any circumstances. All work will be done in the hall and library. If someone is harassed there, action will be taken through the provost and chairman.’

At this time, the general secretary of the teachers’ association Nizamul Haque Bhuiyan, proctor professor Dr. AKM Golam Rabbani, Assistant Proctor and teachers of the department were present.

Meanwhile, after breaking the hunger strike, Hasnat Abdullah was taken to Dhaka Medical College Hospital by university ambulance.

It is to be noted that Hasnat Abdullah was carrying out the hunger strike program for the implementation of 8-point demands on behalf of the students of all levels of the university. The demands include—

1. A Grievance Cell comprising of teachers and student representatives should be constituted to address harassment of students and to ensure accountability of administrative officers and employees. Where service users can file complaints based on specific evidence.

2. All administrative activities should be digitized immediately.

3. Adequate CCTV cameras should be installed in every room inside the offices for the purpose of security and investigation of lost documents.

4. Digital display should be installed at the entrance of the offices in the administrative building. The display should display the necessary information including the name of the offices, room number and the description of the services provided there, the names and pictures of the officers and employees on duty.

5. A healthy and beautiful working environment should be ensured for the officers and employees. The canteen of the administrative building also needs to be renovated.

6. Modern secretarial, professional, human and behavioral training of officers should be made mandatory by law. If necessary, the mental service departments and centers located in the university should be resorted to.

7. Administrative officers and employees shall not engage in any personal, business or political activities while in office. In that regard, the employees union office located inside the administrative building must ensure the transfer to their clubs compulsorily.

8. Election campaign of officials and employees should be environment friendly. In order to maintain the normal learning environment of the university, the use of unnecessary posters, leaflets and banners which harm the beauty of the university and destroy the environment should be prohibited by law.

(Dhakatimes/21 September/SK)

The article is in Bengali

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