Adulterated molasses seized in Rajshahi, fine of four lakh rupees

Directorate of Consumer Rights Protection has seized a large quantity of adulterated jaggery in two factories in Rajshahi. Meanwhile, those two factories were fined 3 lakh 70 thousand taka and 855 kg of adulterated jaggery was destroyed.

On Wednesday (September 21) around 9:30 am, the jaggery was seized and fined in a raid in Adani area of ​​Bagha upazila.

Hasan-al-Maruf, assistant director of the Rajshahi Divisional Office of the Consumer Directorate, said that adulterated sugarcane molasses was being made using sugar, lime, alum, dalda and dyes in those two factories. Dulal jaggery factory was fined Tk 70,000 and seconder jaggery factory was fined Tk 3 lakh as the allegations were proved.

Two molasses factories of Dulal and Sekender have been fined 3 lakh 70 thousand rupees. 855 kg of adulterated jaggery seized has been destroyed.

He also said that among these, on August 30, a raid was carried out in Sekendar’s molasses area and adulterated molasses was seized and a fine of 1.5 million taka was imposed. They are repeatedly caught and fined for committing the same crime again and again.


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