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Common people are in trouble due to the increase in the prices of daily necessities. The students staying in the university halls are not spared. The amount of food in the dining halls is decreasing day by day. There is not enough meat in the food. Students are raising questions about the quality of food in the halls of Rajshahi University. They are suffering due to poor quality of food. The administration has no pains to fix the price and quality of food. No subsidy is given.

The prices of food in the shops located inside the university are sky high. So a child of a middle class family cannot eat it. The cost of food in the residential halls has been increased.

4 per hour has been increased from the earlier price of food. As a result of the price hike, lunch has been made from Tk28 instead of Tk44 and dinner to Tk22 from Tk18.

Recently, it appears that the students are not getting the food that was supposed to be served in the dining hall. Presence of fish or meat is nominal though. The extent to which these improve food quality is negligible. The administration is not paying attention to increase the quality of food due to the increase in the price of goods. Meanwhile, most of the students are reluctant to accept the sudden increase in the price of fuel oil as the reason for the increase in commodity prices.

Due to the rising cost of goods, the biggest problem for university students is their budget. Meaning they are eating breakfast and lunch together in many cases. Meanwhile, many students pay tuition. Even though the price of goods has increased, their fees have not increased. Many have fixed daily costs. In that case, the budget of the students falls short. Even food prices have gone up in every shop due to rise in commodity prices. But the quality and quantity of food has decreased.

Palash Mia, a first-year student of the law department of the university, said that the price of goods in the country is increasing at an unbridled pace, demanding subsidy. Along with that, the price of our dining food has also increased. Only my father’s money did not increase. My family is running out of salt. A few days ago, the monthly expenditure was not more than 3000 rupees. But now the month does not pass even without eating for 4000 rupees. Now I am eating two meals minus the breakfast. Still, the money is high. The university administration should maintain the quality of food by subsidizing it.

Sirajam Munira, a third-year student of the University’s Department of Fisheries, said a student relies more on eggs. The price of those eggs has increased. I kind of forgot about eating fish, eggs, meat. The quality of food served in the dining hall does not make up for our caloric deficit. We are suffering from malnutrition. It is the need of the hour to give subsidy from the administration.

The convener of the University Principal’s Council Professor Dr. Ferdowsi Mahal said that before Corona, one rupee was given to each student in a year called fuel charge. As such, sometimes one thousand taka and sometimes one and a half thousand taka or less. But UGC objected to it. UGC refused to pay in this sector. As a result we can no longer pay for fuel charges after Corona. We cannot do anything by disobeying the UGC.

In this regard, the vice-chancellor of the university. Sultan-ul-Islam said that it is the responsibility of the provost to keep the price and quality of food in the hall. If the students are not satisfied with the price and value, they will make a written complaint to the Provost. If the Provost fails to resolve then we will look into the matter. We don’t want the quality of food to be overpriced. And if UGC does not approve the matter of subsidy then we cannot give subsidy. He said that it is not under the jurisdiction of the university administration.

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