Myanmar violence is increasing on Bangladesh border

Myanmar violence is increasing on Bangladesh border
Myanmar violence is increasing on Bangladesh border

Myanmar’s violence on the Bangladesh border in Bandarban is increasing day by day. Apart from concealing the repatriation process, junta-ruled Myanmar may have long-term plans for further Rohingya infiltration. It is wise not to fall into the country’s trap. But summoning the ambassador is not enough, say analysts. In addition to strengthening border security to deal with the situation, they suggested increasing diplomatic activities and using the Rohingya leaders who have taken refuge in Bangladesh.

Sometimes the sound of gunshots is intermittent and sometimes in one go. Mortars are being fired, mines planted on the border in violation of international law have exploded several times. Not limited to that; Junta-ruled Myanmar army helicopters are also violating the airspace from time to time.

This former official of the Bangladesh Embassy, ​​who served in the country, sees Myanmar’s actions as a provocation.

Analysts say that due to Myanmar’s excesses, Bangladesh has summoned their ambassador and warned them. But it did not work. In this reality, Bangladesh should take initiatives to solve the crisis by increasing ministerial level dialogue and diplomatic activities if necessary.

Professor Abu Noman thinks that the border guards and law enforcement agencies should prepare now to prevent new infiltrations besides being proactive in solving the crisis.

Former diplomat Emdadul Islam believes that while the demand for the return of the 1.1 million Rohingya citizens who have taken refuge in Bangladesh is intensifying, Myanmar’s aggressive behavior indicates a new crisis.

Bangladesh’s diplomatic relations with Myanmar have been cold for nearly four decades over Rohingya infiltration. Concerned people think that Myanmar has survived the crisis despite being a relatively weak country with the indirect support of allies like India, China and Russia.

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