Apart from studies, Oishi is successful in Kathmukut

Apart from studies, Oishi is successful in Kathmukut
Apart from studies, Oishi is successful in Kathmukut

Anika Tabassum Oishi. Born and raised in Rajshahi city. She is the only daughter of private employee Golam Kabir and government employee Nasima Khatun. She is currently a fourth year student of Diploma in Engineering in Computer Science and Technology, Rajshahi Government Women’s Polytechnic Institute. After the secondary examination, he used his spare time to become an entrepreneur. Became a millionaire in no time. In three years, he sold about 20 lakhs worth of products through the page.

The beginning story
Since her childhood, Oishi wanted to do something herself. So he used to do crafting along with his studies as a hobby. After her SSC exam in 2018, Aishi learned to make handmade jewelery by watching crafting videos on YouTube through her mother’s smartphone. After admission to college in 2019, parents happily bought a smartphone. From then on, watch YouTube and work in your spare time. He used to make different designs of greeting cards, hand-made jewelery out of paper and give gifts to friends on birthdays, Eid or special days.

Oishi said, ‘Friends and cousins ​​used to appreciate my handiwork a lot after seeing the gifts. Friends used to order a few things. They are basically my first customers. This is how my venture began.’

moving forward
Oishi started the business with 1000 rupees from college scholarship. He opened a Facebook page called ‘Kathmukut’ in 2019. Since then, Aishee has a desire to create her own identity through work. A month after the page was launched, women entrepreneurs joined Facebook group-based platform We. From there get various guidance related to online business.

He started getting orders for products from different districts through ‘Wee’ group. Oishi said, ‘Because everyone used to work on the branding products of their district. I am a Rajshahi girl, so an idea came to my mind to work with silk. Even then no one works with Rajshahi silk. So working alone in this sector is quite a challenge. Rajshahi Silk Factory is 300 yards from my house. As Rajshahi silk is famous product of our district. So I started working on Rajshahi silk to make people aware about Rajshahi silk sarees.’

And what he works with
Oishi’s main product is Rajshahi silk. Aishee initially worked with handmade wooden jewelery and hand painted sarees. But he got branding by working with Rajshahi silk. So Oish’s Rajshahi silk is now the main product. Also worked with Rajshahi muslin.

Current status of the initiative
Oishi’s initiative is currently limited to online. Most of his products are produced by local factories. The raw material for making the product is collected from the weavers. Then divide the clothes into different parts. After that color, design, handpaint, block, batik, embroidery, handicrafts are given to the craftsman and made according to the choice of himself and the customers.

Oishi has 5 artisans to manufacture the products of the enterprise. They pay 7 to 18 thousand taka at the end of the month for their work. Apart from this, he worked from various factories on contract basis. If someone orders through online, send it through courier across the country.

Travel outside the country
Aishee has sent products to different countries including America, Australia, Canada, India, Japan, South Korea, Indonesia, France and Italy more than 30 times. Shipped several directly via DHL. It costs more but get the product within 7 days without any hassle. Some buyers ordered from outside the country and took it to the country through their relatives. All foreign buyers are expatriate Bengalis. Aishee participated in the 5th Bangladesh-India Cultural Entrepreneurs Meet-2022.

Aishee was first inspired by her mother and father. He feels he could not have come this far without their inspiration. Then he mentioned the name of another well-wisher, who is the president of WE, Nasima Akhter Nisha. He also gave various advice and inspiration to Oishi.

future plans
In the future, Oishi wants to provide employment to many unemployed people by employing more manpower in product production. Wants to open Kathmukut showroom to increase the scope of his business and speed up the work. So that customers can come to the showroom and buy the product. He wants to establish Kathmukut as a silk brand. He is working accordingly.


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