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After the Queen’s funeral, now look to the future of the United Kingdom 1185487 | The voice of time

After the Queen’s funeral, now look to the future of the United Kingdom 1185487 | The voice of time
After the Queen’s funeral, now look to the future of the United Kingdom 1185487 | The voice of time

Queen Elizabeth II: Image – BBC/Getty

The national flag has returned to its old form from half-mast on government buildings in the UK. After the death of Queen Elizabeth II, a 10-day long clean-up campaign is underway. Britain’s public life returns to normal with the farewell to the longest-reigning queen in the history of the country’s monarchy. However, the royal family will mourn for one more week.


Observers say, after all these arrangements, everyone’s eyes will now be on the unity of the post-Queen United Kingdom. The Queen was seen as a great help in keeping the nations of the United Kingdom united, always vocal in their demands for independence.

The UK government said around 2.5 million people lined up to pay their respects at the Queen’s coffin before the funeral. According to the National Grid Authority, two gigawatts of electricity was consumed between 10.30am and 11am local time on Monday, the day of the funeral in the UK. About 20 crore lamps can be lit with two gigawatts of electricity.

The National Grid spokesperson said that this is because many people stopped their normal activities and watched TV at this time.

Businesses reopened after a public holiday for funerals. After the end of official mourning, political activities are also normal. Members of Parliament ready to swear allegiance to the new king.

Britain’s Culture Minister Michelle Donnellan said the date of King Charles III’s coronation has not yet been decided. Observers say the coronation will bring Westminster Abbey back into the spotlight. And soon there will be a glimpse of whether the new king will be able to play a successful role like the queen in keeping everyone united.

Meanwhile, after bidding farewell to the Queen, the attention of the people of the United Kingdom is returning to the rising inflation caused by the Ukraine-Russia war.

Post-Queen Britain’s crisis of cohesion may deepen, as Scotland’s nationalist government agitates for another referendum on independence. Catholic Christians became the majority for the first time in Northern Ireland as well. They are known to be less loyal to the British monarchy.

“She (the Queen) who is buried at Windsor Castle probably did the most to hold the UK together,” said analyst Jonathan Freedland in the Guardian newspaper. Last 10 days political polarization was completely off. If the standing of the people in the last respects row is only in honor of the Queen and not for the Empire then it is unclear how long Charles will have ‘the UK’ to reign. Britain will now focus on these issues of the future. “

Source: AFP.

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