Writ in the High Court to ban the export of hilsa to India

Writ in the High Court to ban the export of hilsa to India
Writ in the High Court to ban the export of hilsa to India

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Dhaka: A writ has been filed in the High Court to ban the export of hilsa to India. On Tuesday (September 20), the lawyer in the relevant branch of the High Court. Mahmudul Hasan filed this writ.

In the writ, the Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Fisheries and Animal Resources, Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Private Aviation and Ministry of Tourism, Chairman of the Board of Revenue, Office of the Chief Controller of Imports and Exports and Chairman of Bangladesh Tourism Corporation have been made defendants.

In the said writ petition, it is sought to know why the inaction of the defendants in stopping the export of hilsa to India at a low price should not be declared illegal. At the same time, instructions to permanently stop the export of hilsa fish to India have been sought. Apart from this, Bangladesh Tourism Corporation has been asked for instructions to work in the development of hilsa fish tourism.

It is said in the writ (Writ Case No. 11412/2022), despite the fact that hilsa fish is the national fish of Bangladesh, the poor people of Bangladesh cannot even think of buying this hilsa fish due to the high price. On the other hand, the middle class people of the country are also struggling to buy this hilsa fish.

According to various media reports, the country’s poor farmers are unable to buy one kilogram of hilsa fish even after selling two maunds of paddy. The price of hilsa fish has gone from 1600 to 1800 taka per kg.

On the other hand, this hilsa fish of Bangladesh is being exported to India at the price of only 10 dollars (about 950 taka) per kg. That is, hilsa fish is being exported to India at almost half the market price of Bangladesh.

In the said writ case, the defendants have been accused of violation of the Constitution. According to the constitution of Bangladesh, ensuring food security for the public is one of the main duties of the government. On the other hand, it is the constitutional duty of the defendants to always act in the interests of the people.

It has also been said that by exporting hilsa to India at a lower price than the country’s market, the concerned parties including the Ministry of Commerce have violated the country’s constitution. They have destroyed the food security of the people of the country and acted against the interests of the people. Besides, according to Export Policy 2021-24, Hilsa fish is not a freely exportable product.

Therefore, in the writ application, a permanent ban on the export of hilsa fish has been requested. The petitioner’s lawyer said that the hearing on the writ petition will be held soon.


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