Overnight stay in VIP suite ‘exhausted’ by the accused

Overnight stay in VIP suite ‘exhausted’ by the accused
Overnight stay in VIP suite ‘exhausted’ by the accused

Three leaders of the Central Chhatra League came to Rajshahi to investigate various allegations leveled against Rajshahi District Chhatra League President Sakibul Islam Rana and General Secretary Zakir Hossain Ami. They came from Dhaka by plane and returned by plane. But in between, their one-day jhatka tour and activities have sparked controversy. Various questions have arisen among the general leaders and activists of the Chhatra League. They say that central leaders have done drama and ‘furti’ in the name of investigation.

It is known that the members of the investigation committee stayed one night in the VIP suite of the tourist motel in Rajshahi. The bill for three people’s one night stay is Tk 18 thousand. The food bill came to 16 thousand 972 taka. But they did not pay this bill themselves. Go to the airport without delay. The bill was paid after inquiries were made by the journalists. They left Rajshahi on a Novo Air plane yesterday evening at around 6:30 pm.

Within seven months of the formation of the committee, various misdeeds of Rajshahi district Chhatra League president and general secretary came to light. A special report was published about this at the same time. Recently Rajshahi District Chhatra League President Sakibul Islam Rana’s audio went viral. Referring to himself as the ‘leader of the cheating gang’, Rana sexually assaulted a woman worker and asked her to send another girl. On the other hand, General Secretary Zakir Hossain Amir’s video of Phencidil consumption went viral. Apart from mass media, the video went viral on social media.

Chhatra League central president Al Nahian Khan Joy and general secretary Ukar Bhattacharya formed a three-member committee to investigate the allegations. Members of the inquiry committee, Central Committee Public Relations and Development Secretary Sheikh Shamim Turya, Deputy Legal Secretary Apan Das and Co-Editor Tanveer Abdullah arrived in Rajshahi on Monday morning in a US Bengal flight. After that they went to the three VIP suites of Rajshahi Tourism Motel. The rent of each room is 6 thousand taka to 18 thousand taka. Their food bill comes to 16 thousand 972 taka.
On Tuesday afternoon, it was seen that the central leaders left the tourist motel at 4:10 and got into a white private car. But they did not pay the motel bill. The alleged president-editor of the District Chhatra League was also present when the central leaders came out. After everyone left, Rajshahi Medical College Chhatra League worker Masuk Helal went to the tourist motel counter and found out how much the bill was.

At that time, Masuk Helal said that the district BCL secretary Zakir Hossain Amio is also a student of Rajshahi Medical College. He also studied in this medical college. He has known the bill – the president and general secretary of the District Chhatra League will pay the bill. Masuk said Helal had booked the room before central leaders arrived on Monday.

Abdul Jalil, the receptionist of the tourism motel, said, ‘They stayed in the VIP suite of the tourism motel. A bill of 18 thousand taka has arrived. You will get 20 percent discount. Ate 16 thousand 972 taka. They left without paying the bill. Their room was booked by a Rajshahi medical student named Masuk Helal. He said, he will drop them off at the airport and pay the bill.

When Tanveer asked Abdullah before boarding the plane, he was surprised and said, ‘Didn’t you pay the bill? I don’t know these. Our local president-secretary said that we are footing the bill. How much is the bill coming?’ When asked why the accused president and general secretary will pay the bill, he said, ‘You may not know, wherever the Central Chhatra League goes, the local people spend it. Everywhere they do. If they don’t, we will. Now I know, we will pay it out of pocket. It doesn’t matter.’

When asked by which plane he was going to Dhaka, he said, ‘I have not seen which plane he is going on yet. They are buying tickets.’ When asked who is buying the tickets, he said, ‘We are the ones doing it.’ When asked whether the Rajshahi district BCL had bought flight tickets, he said, ‘We don’t have any tradition of father-uncle or family? We can’t afford 3-4 thousand rupees flight tickets. Why will they give?’ Later at 6 pm, Tanveer Abdullah said, ‘We paid the bill.’ At that time, he also sent the bill payment voucher on WhatsApp.
After that, Abdul Jalil, the receptionist of the tourist motel, said on the phone that a man came and paid 14 thousand 400 taka for three rooms with a 20 percent discount and 16 thousand 972 taka for food. But he could not tell his identity.

When asked, Zakir Hossain Ami, general secretary of District Chhatra League, said, ‘They are our guests. We are still in the BCL committee. We have not been found guilty. Our committee activities are not suspended. When the leaders of the center come, we make the accommodation and food arrangements. So we wanted to pay the bill. Later they said, we will talk if we pay the bill. So we didn’t have to pay the bill.’

He also said that I have given a written reply to the complaints raised against us. They have heard from many. When BCL President Sakibul Islam called Rana about this, he said, ‘It seems that he has paid the bill. We don’t know who gave it. We have only maintained protocol with them. Salam at the time of arrival, salam at the time of departure.

Several leaders of Chhatra League said that the accused Sakibul Islam Rana and Zakir Hossain Ami were with the three members of the investigation committee all the time. In front of them, other leaders of BCL were asked about their complaints. So many did not dare to open their mouths. Members of the investigation committee met Awami League presidium member and city mayor AHM Khairuzzaman Liton and district Awami League acting president Anil Kumar Sarkar. He also came from Rajshahi University campus. Later that night, he sat in a tourist motel and investigated.

Several leaders of BCL said, ‘These investigations are just drama. showing people.’ What will be the investigation against those who are charged with their money?’

When asked what was found in the investigation, Apan Das, deputy legal secretary of the Central Committee of the Chhatra League, a member of the investigation committee, said, ‘We have no opportunity to tell anyone what we have found. I will submit the investigation report to the office cell. Then the President-Editor will publish it. To be disclosed through central leaders. We have investigated. I have talked to many people. What is found in the investigation, will be informed later.’

On September 15, this investigation committee was made. The committee has been asked to submit a report with recommendations within seven working days.

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