Aedes larvae in 12 and a half percent of houses in two cities of Dhaka

Aedes larvae in 12 and a half percent of houses in two cities of Dhaka
Aedes larvae in 12 and a half percent of houses in two cities of Dhaka

Dengue-carrying Aedes mosquito larvae were found in 13 percent of houses in Dhaka North City Corporation (DNCC) area. At the same time, this larva was found in 12 percent houses in Dhaka South City Corporation (DSCC) area. These larvae are found in 12 and a half percent of the houses in the two city corporations.

This information came out in the monsoon mosquito survey published by the disease control branch of the department organized in the meeting room of the health department in Mohakhali on Wednesday (September 21). The disease control wing conducts this survey three times a year in pre-monsoon, monsoon and post-monsoon.

The survey showed that the highest number of mosquito larvae were found in wet containers lying or discarded in the two cities. Also, these larvae are found in plastic drums or plastic containers on the floor of the house or building. Mosquito larvae were found in 26 percent of such containers of Dhaka South Corporation and 22 percent of containers of Dhaka North City Corporation.

The survey was conducted in two corporations from 11 to 23 August. Surveyors visited 3 thousand 149 houses of two city corporations in the survey. During the inspection they check all areas and containers that may harbor mosquitoes or mosquito larvae.

The surveyors examined a total of 1,830 houses in 62 wards in Dhaka South City Corporation. They saw a total of 1,337 wet pots in these houses. They found mosquito larvae in about 12 percent of homes.

On the other hand, about 22 percent of wet containers had mosquito larvae. The density of mosquitoes was highest in Ward No. 8 (Kamalapur and Motijheel), Ward No. 38 (Nawabpur and Bangshal) and Ward No. 41 (Wari and Narinda).


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