Tide of joy in Swapna village in Rangpur

Tide of joy in Swapna village in Rangpur
Tide of joy in Swapna village in Rangpur

Bangladesh beat Nepal 3-1 to win the SAFF Women’s Championship title on Monday night. One of the members of this group is Sirat Jahan Swapna, a girl from Rangpur. The people of Rangpur are proud of this. The tide of joy of this victory is flowing in Rangpur as well as Sadya Pushkurini, known as the village of women footballers.

Swapna scored 2 goals against Nepal. The festivities started at his house immediately after the game was over. Distribution of sweets in the entire area. Victory rally. Football lovers of Rangpur have posted Sapna’s picture on social media. Earlier, Swapna had scored two goals in India’s match.

Swapna’s house is in Jayaram village of Sadyapuskurini Palichra of Rangpur Sadar Upazila. His father Mokchar Ali is a square farmer. Ma Lipi Begum is a housewife. He had to fight poverty since childhood. There was no good place for the head of the family. Had to live in a broken house. Number of family members is 5 including three sisters. In some ways, the family ran on the father’s income. Due to his interest in sports since childhood, he got admission in the newly established Palichhra Sporting Club. Later he played for this team at various levels. In 2013, he was invited to the national team camp. He has been playing in the national team since then. This girl who overcame poverty played an important role in winning the championship crown of Saaf Football.

Swapna’s mother Lipi Begum cried with joy at her daughter’s success. He said that the people and relatives of the area did not want Swapna to play football. They said, why should a girl play football? But Harun, a local football team player, came to me and said that he will coach Swapna in football. I didn’t agree at first. I agreed later. Now my daughter has brought success for the country. The people of Palichra village are proud of him today.

According to Swapna’s mother, there were various obstacles and comments in the area about women playing football. However, her daughter did not stop. He said, our life war is very difficult. My husband is sick for a long time. He cannot do any work. I run the family by drying paddy. I have three daughters. no son

Mokchar Ali said, I am really proud of my daughter. happy This is a big deal for a poor family like us. It feels good, my daughter is playing for the country. Rangpur’s face is shining by playing well.

Neighbors Aleya Begum and Mumtaz Begum said that Swapna Palichra is the pride of Bangladesh. We are proud of his success. May he go far.

Swapna’s teammates Asma, Rakhi and Maryam said, our Ajpara village girl Swapna has shown that if you work hard, you can be successful. Like him, we also want to get a chance to play in the national team. That’s why I’m practicing hard. Salute to Swapna for showing great sportsmanship.

Swapna’s coach Milan Khan said that Swapna is a very talented player. I am proud and happy as a coach.

Sohel Rana, Chairman of Sadya Pushkarini Union said, Sapna is the pride of our union. Many girls in this village play football. Seeing Swapna they get encouraged. We are eagerly waiting for Sapna. He will be welcomed back to the village.

Adviser of Rangpur District Awami League Mofizar Rahman Raju said, Sapna Saaf of my own area Palichra has contributed to bring the championship title of football. The mini stadium and support provided by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has given them a chance to win the world today.

Rangpur District Commissioner Asib Ahsan said, we are proud of Swapna. Sadyapuskurini, the village of women footballers, has made us proud. All kinds of cooperation will continue from the district administration.

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