We want an open Bangladesh for women

We want an open Bangladesh for women
We want an open Bangladesh for women

The boundaries of Bangladesh are getting smaller and smaller for women. Our Bangladeshi women are struggling to ensure their rightful place every moment. Sometimes with clothes, sometimes with going out, there is a conspiracy to limit the boundaries of women. But we are also citizens of this Bangladesh.

Every inch of this territory gained through the liberation war of 1971 is the story of our freedom. Freedom does not mean the freedom of men anywhere. Still, why so much humiliation, abuse and neglect?

Where are our women? The limited opportunities they have managed to achieve are all wrapped up in success stories. Today, all the Bangladeshis in the world are proud. Why? The occasion was the women’s football team’s victory in the South Asian Football Tournament.

Our girls are undefeated champions. They have won the Bagha Bagha team, which is ahead of Bangladesh in the world football ranking, with one goal after another. yes Today, Bangladesh is the best football team in South Asia.

Who brought this honor, this glory? It is brought by those girls who are still not guaranteed two meals a day. Today we fly the red and green flag proudly by holding the hands of those girls who are not paid well.

There is no good transport system for commuting. Who had to return home by local bus after winning the saf football. Still those who just play football are bullied by the conservative mentality.

A difficult reality of the women’s football team was revealed in the Facebook status given by footballer Sanjeeda on the day before the final. Along with the identity of iron strength is also the same status. Here are some excerpts from his status for the reader – ‘We want to win this for all the dreamers who are willing to embrace this dream of ours. We want to repay the absolute support. While not standing with the trophy in the open-top champion bus, let’s leave society’s tip-off aside to win it for the people who have helped us touch the green grass. This success of ours may help us to get some new Sabina, Krishna, Maria. I want to make this road of Anuj’s friend easier.

My house is near the mountain. I have seen from close quarters the fighting mentality of the mountain brothers, the unyielding attitude of the poor and hardworking people of rural Bengal towards life. In the final, we will not be fighting as a footballer, there will be a team of 11 players, many of whom have come so far losing their fathers, taking the last possessions of their mothers, selling their sister’s ornaments, many of them being the only source of income for the family.

We are used to fighting the battle of life. Will fight till the last minute for the supremacy of South Asia. Victory and defeat are in the hands of God. But believe us, we will not make any mistakes in our efforts, inshallah. Pray for us.’

Our women are determined to prove themselves, but where is the arrangement? Do we know the stories behind each female footballer coming up to this stage? Even after becoming a champion, some people continue to spread negative words.

Fundamentalism is objecting to why girls should wear shorts and play without a veil. Krishna’s dribbling makes us cringe but the reality is that Krishnas have to move forward with such dribbling along with the fundamentalist vision of the society.

Every girl in this group comes from a backward poor family. A group eager to stem the tide of women’s football across the country with the introduction of the Bangamata Cup. Stay away from playing football in schools or areas, many places do not allow practice. The coach of the women’s team is taunted as the women’s coach. There are also marches to ban women from playing.

This mentality is not only in villages and towns. It is also hidden within existing football federations. Nile why so much negligence? Our big football bosses are absent in such a big event. Why? Is it just negligence or something else? Kazi Salauddin could not be present in the gallery? By doing this, at least the coaches and players would have been much more respected. Salauddin sahib also used to get respect. did not

Sanjeeda laments that they may not be welcomed in open-top cars but they want to win for themselves, for their proletarian family, for the half-baked team. This sense of self-esteem emboldens us to dream. Let’s open all barriers. Let all the backward thoughts of Bangladesh be exposed. Let the women of Bengal march forward. We want to advance in our abilities. Sanjida did not want anyone’s mercy.

It is not an open-roofed bus, but the covering that is being planned to be installed in the entire sky of Bengal should be demolished. In the open air in the open air in football, cricket, satar or at work, I want to tell you – O Bangladesh, women were not born to be confined. Men and women want to hold the autumn sun in a joint effort.

Author: Online Activist, Columnist.


The article is in Bengali

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