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BNP outline: 9 points for united movement | 1185676 | The voice of time

BNP outline: 9 points for united movement | 1185676 | The voice of time
BNP outline: 9 points for united movement | 1185676 | The voice of time

The National Standing Committee of BNP has finalized the 9-point draft outline for a united movement to realize the demands of a non-partisan government. The outline will be finalized after discussions with like-minded political parties. Then the program of the simultaneous movement will be announced. Several reliable sources of BNP have confirmed this information.


This decision was taken at the BNP Standing Committee meeting last Monday night. The meeting lasted from 8 pm to around 11 pm. In the meeting, the committee leaders agreed to finalize the outline of the movement. However, there was no discussion on ‘state reform’ in the formation of an accountable government after the elections.

The responsible leaders of BNP said that this outline is the basis of the attempt to build a large political unity against the government ahead of the upcoming national parliament elections. In the first round of meetings with like-minded political parties, BNP has agreed in principle that it is not a national election under Awami League. Based on this consensus, the process of finalizing the outline of the movement has now begun. Discussions with like-minded political parties will start again this month.

No member of the standing committee agreed to speak publicly on the matter. On the condition of anonymity, some said, on the basis of the draft of the outline, discussions will be held with the anti-government political parties.

9 points in the draft outline

Resignation of government, neutral government, dissolution of parliament, formation of new election commission, repeal of Special Powers Act of 1974 and Digital Security Act, prevention of rise in commodity prices, formation of commission to prevent corruption, return of missing activists and ordinary citizens and withdrawal of cases against political leaders including Khaleda Zia. have to do

Selima Rahman, a member of the Standing Committee, told Kal Kantha, what the Secretary General would say. He called a press conference, if he had something to say he would say it.

Zaheer Uddin Swapan, one of the founders of the big unity process and convener of BNP’s media cell, told Kal Kantha that there has been an effort to make a greater unity with all the anti-government parties for a long time. For this purpose, the policy-making level leaders of the party held a meeting with 20 party alliances and Jatiya Oikya Front and 35 right-wing and left-wing parties. All parties have agreed to topple this government and hold elections under a non-partisan neutral government.

In a recent press conference, BNP Secretary General Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir said in response to a question that the outline of the simultaneous movement with the anti-government political parties will be revealed soon. He said that work is going on to build a big unity with different political parties. The outline of the simultaneous movement will be finalized in the context of dialogue with the parties.

A week after Mirza Fakhrul’s speech, the draft outline was finalized in the meeting of the standing committee. BNP policymakers say that there may be some additions and subtractions in the draft outline of the standing committee.

Meanwhile, the press release sent to the media announcing the decision of the Standing Committee on Tuesday said that the attack on BNP’s program in Banani and the attack on Barkatullah Bulu in Noakhali on his way back to Dhaka were condemned. Condemning the speech of the Deputy Commissioner of Chittagong recently, the meeting said that such speech is a clear violation of government employment rules.

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