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Threat of program if house tax on house rent is not withdrawn

Threat of program if house tax on house rent is not withdrawn
Threat of program if house tax on house rent is not withdrawn

General Secretary of Chittagong Taxpayer Protection Council and Associate Professor of Chittagong University Muhammad Amir Uddin said, City Corporation has become an arena of corruption today. On one hand they are looting government money, on the other hand they are grabbing money in the name of holding tax appeal. If the unfair house tax on house rent is not withdrawn, a strict program will be announced from the mass march on September 23. It will be countered by vigorous agitation.

He said this in an exchange meeting with local residents in Dewanhat Supariwala neighborhood of the city on Tuesday afternoon.

The president of the organization spoke at the meeting. Nurul Abshar, former councilor Jannatul Ferdous Popi, coordinator Hasan Maruf Rumi, financial secretary of the organization Haji Syed Hossain, Mujibul Haque, labor leader Siddikul Islam, organizer Irfan Uddin Khaled, Sajjad Hossain Zafar, Mir Akhtar Hossain, Syed Iqbal Hossain Babul, Haji Muslim Uddin, Mir Md. Shah Alam, Syed Mahbub Hasan Johnny etc. At the beginning of the meeting, the late leader of security, Haji Zahirul, Alhaj Mohammad Ullah, Kamal Ahmed Siddiqui and Mir Md. Syed Afsar Uddin led the prayer seeking the forgiveness of Musa’s soul. Hasan Murad moderated the meeting held under the chairmanship of Hasan Imran.

President of the organization. Nurul Abshar said, it is completely illegal to impose an unbearable tax burden on the people of Chittagong for the sake of a law that has not been implemented even in 36 years. Taxation on house rent has increased the house tax many times than before. Chittagong residents cannot afford to pay this tax. Chittagong residents are suffering from the crisis of existence today. They are forced to take to the streets. In this way, the corporation did not gain any profit, only the corrupt officers and employees became millionaires overnight. I call upon the people of Chittagong to join the mass march of Kadamtali on September 23 and give a strong response to this harassment.

Former councilor Jannatul Ferdous Popi said that the corporation should be transformed into a people’s corporation. Otherwise, such occurrences will continue. City roads, sewage system, street lights are poor, most of the city is submerged in water during monsoon. Unfair levies of failing to deliver services will be dealt with through strong action.

Hasan Maruf Rumi said that the Chittagong movement forced the suspension of house tax in 2017. Because of that, it was suspended in Dhaka, Rajshahi, Khulna City Corporation as well, but as punishment for why Chittagong protested, the suspension order was withdrawn only from Chittagong and not from other districts. We think, this is a safe behavior towards Chittagong. This cannot be accepted.

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