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‘Bangladesh will develop children as global citizens’

‘Bangladesh will develop children as global citizens’
‘Bangladesh will develop children as global citizens’

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said, ‘The government is going to launch a new national curriculum from next year with the aim of making the children of Bangladesh fit for the fourth industrial revolution and become global citizens. We want our children to be truly global citizens.’

“The new curriculum will prepare our students for the fourth industrial revolution,” the prime minister said in a video recording broadcast at the UN Secretary-General’s Transforming Education Summit on Monday (New York local time).

Sheikh Hasina said, ‘This effort will make them aware of climate resilience and make them true agents in implementing Vision 2041 to transform the country into a developed, knowledge-based economy.’

The Prime Minister said, ‘In the field of higher education, we are giving priority to research and development. For technical education, our aim is to better connect industries. Our children should have skills that they can use anywhere in the world.’

He said, ‘We need international cooperation for mutual recognition of qualifications. We are committed to improving basic and lifelong learning opportunities. To promote multilingual education, textbooks have been prepared in the mother tongue of some of our ethnic groups in the country.’

He further said, ‘We are teaching the Myanmar curriculum to millions of children forcibly displaced from Rakhine state and taking refuge on our soil. His government must invest in regular training and incentives for teachers for quality and inclusive education. We are committed to increasing the budgetary allocation for education in proportion to our GDP.’

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