We must take a stand against communalism through cultural practices

We must take a stand against communalism through cultural practices
We must take a stand against communalism through cultural practices

Fisheries and Livestock Minister Sh M Rezaul Karim called for taking a strict stand against communalism through cultural practices.

He made this call in his speech as the chief guest at the discussion meeting, prize distribution and cultural program organized by Nrityangan on the occasion of the National Dance Competition-2022 at the National Music and Dance Auditorium of the Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy in the capital on Tuesday (September 20).

The minister said, a complete life cannot be established through cultural studies, unless we can introduce Bengali’s own culture, art, history and traditions into it. Bengalis have their own place. Among which Jari, Sari, Bhatiali, Lalangiti, Kabi song, Pat song, Bhavaiya song, dance and yatra are an integral part of our culture. Dance is one of the means of beautifully presenting Bengali culture, history and tradition. Nation’s history, tradition, liberation war should be highlighted through dance. A strict stand should be taken against communalism.

The minister also said that if the father of the nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman was not born, the culture of Bangladesh would not have been in its current position. There used to be a strict state in this country. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has brought culture to its current level with maximum patronage.

Sh M Rezaul said, we have to move forward with the developed form of culture. In order to protect the children from the slow current of the degradation of the society, it is necessary to come out of conservatism and develop mindfulness and wisdom through cultural practices. Along with culture, children should be taught morals and values. For this we have to work together.

Director General of Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy Liaquat Ali Lucky, Director General of Directorate of Secondary and Higher Education Professor Nehal Ahmed, Director General of Bangladesh Shishu Academy Md. Shariful Islam, Director of Secondary and Higher Education Directorate Professor Shahedul Kabir Chowdhury, President of Bangladesh Dancers Association, Hero Freedom Fighter Minu Haque and Dancer Munmun Ahmed.

Atiqur Rahman Ujjal, general secretary of Nrityangan, gave a welcome speech on the occasion.


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