Accused in the case by speaking against the mayor in Chittagong

Accused in the case by speaking against the mayor in Chittagong
Accused in the case by speaking against the mayor in Chittagong

In response to the case, he told, “We started the movement knowing that there may be cases and attacks. During the program, I received a call from an unknown number and verbally abused me. About why I am agitating.

“Then in the speech I spoke in the language of Chittagong. People talk a lot in public meetings. There is a lot of talk. I told Tui-Tumi, it is also the language of our leader ABM Mohiuddin Chowdhury. We learned from him.”

Absar said that the case will be dealt with legally, “the movement will continue.”

General Secretary of the Parishad Amir Uddin told, “The case was rumored for 2 days. A case was filed earlier during the movement. A planned case was filed. Our program will continue.”

During the tenure of former mayor AJM Nashir Uddin, when the initiative was taken to collect house tax on the basis of rent, the Ministry of Local Government suspended it on December 10, 2017 in the face of the movement of people from various classes including the Taxpayer Protection Council.

Awami League’s Rezaul Karim became mayor by promising not to increase holding tax. Later, in January last year, when the CCC applied to withdraw the four-year-old moratorium on holding tax revaluation, the Ministry of Local Government withdrew it in the same month.

Recently, when the City Corporation was active in collecting house tax at an increased rate ‘on the basis of rent’, the Taxpayer Protection Council started public relations at the local level for the last month. After that they gave the program of public meeting on September 2 and mass march on September 23.

During Nashir’s time, Taxpayer Protection Council started the movement and it was supported by the late mayor ABM Mohiuddin Chowdhury, former mayor M Manjur Alam and prominent people of Chittagong.

Later, during his tenure as an administrator, Khorshed Alam Sujan sought permission from government institutions to collect increased house tax as per revaluation in September 2020, and the Ministry of Local Government agreed to it.

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