Barisal has become a ‘ghost’ city, with road lights disconnected

Barisal has become a ‘ghost’ city, with road lights disconnected
Barisal has become a ‘ghost’ city, with road lights disconnected

Barisal’s West Zone Power Distribution Company (Ojopadico) has disconnected the electric lines of road lights and water lines in the corporation area due to an outstanding electricity bill of about Tk 49 crore to Barisal City Corporation (BCC).

Starting this operation from 4 pm on Sunday, the electric lines of all the roads of the city have been disconnected. Ojopadiko Barisal Division said that this campaign will continue.

Meanwhile, the City Corporation says that street lights and water supply power lines have been disconnected in the span of three days after receiving a hefty sum against the outstanding bill. No notice was given in this case.

The important roads of 30 wards of the city have turned into ghost lanes due to disconnection of electricity. Residents suffer from night traffic.

Nurul Islam Biswas, assistant engineer of management and conservation circle of Ozopadico Limited Barisal, said that the city corporation has not paid the electricity bill for at least 10 years. This makes a large number. Not being able to withdraw that money, we are also under pressure from the ministry. Finally, the city corporation’s operation to disconnect the street lights has started. The operation has been going on since Sunday.

He said, suppose I get five lakh rupees from an organization. If they pay 10 thousand rupees then how can it be accepted? We also have to be accountable to the government. We also work in government institutions.

Managing and Conservation Circle Supervising Engineer ATM Tariqul Islam said, Barisal City Corporation owes about Tk 50 crore in outstanding electricity bills. Letters have been sent to them numerous times for payment of dues. But there was no expected response from the city corporation. The last payment date was 18 September. But they did not pay even within the stipulated time. As a result, the road line has to be separated by raiding.

Swapan Kumar Das, administrative officer of Barisal City Corporation, said that on September 15 Ojopadico received Tk 78 lakh of the outstanding electricity bill from the City Corporation. And on the 18th they disconnected the power lines of all the roads in the city. I cannot say why they did this and with whose permission. Didn’t tell us anything. Suddenly they cut street lights and water supply lines. As of today, all the roads and water lines of the city remain disconnected.

Imran, a college student resident of BM College Road area, said that the road lights have not been lit on the road for three days. And the water line of the city corporation is not coming. We are suffering a lot. It is difficult to move. I don’t know why this is happening.

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