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Robbery of Tk 20 lakh from DU in the afternoon, no trace even in 17 days

Robbery of Tk 20 lakh from DU in the afternoon, no trace even in 17 days
Robbery of Tk 20 lakh from DU in the afternoon, no trace even in 17 days

Those involved in the abduction of a businessman and the robbery of Tk 2 million in the Dhaka University (DU) campus are still at large. Even after 17 days of the incident, the law and order forces could not kill the criminals. The incident of such a sensational crime in the campus area during the day has created extreme fear among the teachers and students. They demanded to quickly identify and arrest the criminals to make the university campus safe.

Before this, a gold merchant named Mohiuddin Khan was abducted from in front of the Dhaka University Club around 3:30 pm on September 3. The next day, a case was filed in the Shahbag police station. Since the incident, the police have announced a multi-pronged operation to identify the criminals. The police also said that work is going on to identify the criminals with the help of information technology and analysis of CCTV footage around the crime scene.

Besides Thana Police, Dhaka Metropolitan Detective Police (DB) is said to be investigating the shadow of the incident. However, those involved in the investigation are not able to do cool-edges about the criminals.

If asked, Deputy Commissioner (DC) of DB Ramna Division of Dhaka Metropolitan Police said. Humayun Kabir told Jugantar that the DB is working to arrest the criminals since the incident. Multiple teams conducted raids at different locations. Hopefully, it will be possible to arrest those involved very soon.

Narrating the incident of that day, the abducted Mohiuddin Khan said that a car marked ‘Army’ blocked his way and robbed him of Tk 2 million. He has a business called Raihan Jewelers in Newmarket of the capital. On the day of the incident, around one in the afternoon, he left home for Tantibazar. At two o’clock Tantibazar reached market number 21. After work, he left for Newmarket on a rented motorcycle from Tantibazar intersection at around 3 pm. Mohiuddin arrived on the paved road 20 yards east of the main gate of the Dhaka University Club at around 3:30 p.m. Immediately, an olive colored car with ‘Army’ written on it came from behind and blocked the motorcycle’s path. Three people got down from the car and asked him to get off the motorcycle.

Mohiuddin said, ‘As soon as I got off the motorcycle, three people put pistols on my head. Then I was taken to the car and blindfolded with a towel. While picking up the car I saw the driver and another person sitting behind. Ask them, why blindfolded me, brother? Then they got excited and told me to keep quiet and started punching me in the face. Those people were beating me without asking anything. After the car went some distance, they took my hands behind and handcuffed me. Apart from that, so that I could not scream, my face was tied with a towel.’

The businessman claimed that the robbers took a total of Tk 20 lakh and a mobile phone from him. He said, the robbers took a total of 4 lakh taka and another 16 lakh taka wrapped in a cloth belt around my waist for 2 lakh taka tied with rubber. They also took away my mobile phone. Later they tied their hands, feet and eyes and threw them on the side of the road. Then some people on the side of the road heard his noise and untied him. You can find out from them that he is on the road of Abdullahpur in Keraniganj. Later, with their help, the matter was reported to his brother Kabir Hossain. After that, Mohiuddin took treatment at Dhaka Medical College Hospital.

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