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Convening Committee of Rangpur Jatiya Party approved

Convening Committee of Rangpur Jatiya Party approved
Convening Committee of Rangpur Jatiya Party approved

The new convening committee of Rangpur District Jatiya Party has been announced. On Tuesday (September 20), a 31-member convening committee was announced excluding former state minister Moshiur Rahman Ranga.

According to the Jatiya Party, a 31-member convening committee has been approved by abolishing the previous committee and appointing brave freedom fighter Abul Masud Chowdhury Nantu as convener and Alhaj Abdur Razzak as member secretary. Jatiya Party Chairman Golam Mohammad Quader approved on the recommendation of Party General Secretary Mujibul Haque Chunnu MP. This order has already been implemented.

Jatiya Party office secretary-2 MA Razzak Khan confirmed the matter in a press release sent to the media on Tuesday night.

The members of the committee are Joint Convener Abu Nacher Shah Mohammad Mahbubar Rahman (Pirgacha), Samchul Islam (Gangachra), Ajmal Hossain Lebu (Rangpur Sadar), Advocate Mokammel Hossain Chowdhury (Badarganj), Member- Golam Mohammad Quader MP (Rangpur Sadar), Mostafizar Rahman. Mustafa (Rangpur Sadar), HM Shahriar Asif (Rangpur Sadar), SM Yasir (Rangpur Sadar), Dr. Ikhlas (Gangachra), Fairdausi Begum Mala (Rangpur Sadar), Principal Mocha. Nahid Yasmin (Rangpur Sadar), Shahinur Rahman Marshal (Taraganj), Md. Alauddin Mia (Rangpur Sadar), Advocate Shaheen (Kaunia), Advocate Amjad Hossain (Kaunia), Hasanuzzaman Nazim (Rangpur Sadar), Mocha. Kajli Begum (Rangpur Sadar), Mejbahul Islam Milan Chowdhury (Mithapukur), Masudar Rahman Milan (Rangpur Sadar), Masud Nabi Munna (Rangpur Sadar), Safiul Islam Safi (Rangpur Sadar), Ruhul Amin Liton (Rangpur Sadar), Kamrul Islam Bharsa (Kaunia), Habibar Rahman (Peerganj), Abed Ali (Peerganj), Noor Alam Jadu (Peerganj), Md. Alamgir Hossain (Peerganj), Zahidul Islam (Peerganj), Md. Al Mamun (Rangpur Sadar).

Members will be included in the convening committee if required at a later date. General Secretary of the party Mujibul Haque Chunnu has explained the reasons for the dismissal of Mashiur Rahman Ranga from all positions of Jatiya Party (Japa) including presidium members.

Secretary General said, ‘Ranga has been exempted for anti-organisational activities. For a year now, he has been speaking against the organization at various places, including parliamentary party meetings. Ranga’s activities have broken party discipline.’

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