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Selling hilsa by miking at night

Barguna: Silver Hilsa is being sold at Barguna Municipal Fish Market at Tk 650 per kg. That too at night.

On Tuesday (September 20) at around 7:30 pm, the municipal fish market attracted buyers through miking and sold Tk 400 less per kg compared to other days.

Retail hilsa seller Nantu Molla told BanglaNews that trawlers fishing from the deep sea have returned to the coast since morning due to hostile weather. Their catch has increased the supply to local markets. The price of hilsa has decreased to Tk 300-400 per kg as the supply is more than the demand. There is still a lot of unsold hilsa fish in the market. The crowd of buyers was also noticeable.

In Barguna Sadar Upazila, small and big hilsa vendors have arranged branches in the municipal fish market and on the roadside. Different sizes of hilsa are being sold at low prices. One and a half kg of hilsa is being sold at the price of Tk 1200. Hilsa weighing 200 grams is 400 taka and hilsa weighing 600-700 grams is being sold at 650 taka.

A buyer named Kausar told BanglaNews, “I bought 3 kg of hilsa because I got it at a low price.” The fish are also good.

The seller Rafiq said, due to the low price, he will buy hilsa at night and store it at home so that there will be no shortage of fish for a few days. The price of large size hilsa in the market is relatively low.

Hilsa buyer Mokles told Banglanews that he heard miking at night and came to buy hilsa. Hilsa weighing 600-700 grams is being sold at Tk 650 per kg.

Bangladesh time: 2020 hours, September 20, 2022

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