Bangladesh women’s football has changed in 19 years

Bangladesh women’s football has changed in 19 years
Bangladesh women’s football has changed in 19 years

Bangladesh women’s football started its journey in 2003-04. The condition of the first Bangladesh team was such that they did not have the jersey to play against the West Bengal team in Dhaka. In the end, the women’s team wore the jersey of the men’s champion Bangladesh team. The footballers of this team are some swimmers, some athletes, handball players etc.

After that, gradually emphasizing the formation of women’s national team, and playing matches in different provinces of India to say international football. In 2006, Bangladesh bravely participated in the AFC U-19 football qualifiers. The mission ends with a 0-6 loss to Kyrgyzstan and a 0-9 loss to India in two matches. In 2014, Thailand beat the red-green girls 9-0 in the Asian Cup qualifiers. That is the biggest loss so far at the senior level.

But 19 years after entering the field, that Bangladesh is now the clear champion. And in under-16 football, he is one of the best seven teams in Asia for two consecutive seasons. Their eyes are now on being among the best in Asia at the senior level.

On that day, the Bangladesh women’s team was a celebration of the opponent’s goal. Iran and Jordan lost 0-5 in the Asian Cup qualifiers held in Uzbekistan last year. India thrashed Sabinas 7-1 in the 2018 Olympic Games football qualifiers in Myanmar. India has been given that account this time.

In Dhaka SA Games in 2010, Bangladesh tasted its first international match win by defeating Sri Lanka 2-0. Then beat Pakistan 1-0 to win bronze. Sabina’s biggest win till date was a 9-0 win over Bhutan in the first Women’s SAFF Football held in Cox’s Bazar that same year.

The fact that Bangladeshi girls can play organized, planned and competitive football in international matches was revealed in the 2010 AFC Under-19 Football Qualifier held at the Kamalapur Stadium. Despite losing 0-6 to India and Iran and 1-6 to Jordan, Sabina-Mironara was poor in the first half. leads in the second half.

Bangladesh beat Jordan 1-0 at the Bangabandhu Stadium in the 2014 AFC Under-14 Football Qualifier. It was the first major success of Ghulam Rabbani’s Chhotan army in crossing the borders of the Saaf region. Then in 2016 and 2018, two rounds of AFC U-16 football, becoming the group champion and going to the final stage.

First taste of women’s football title in 2015 U-14 regional football defeating Nepal 1-0 in the final. Earlier they defeated Iran and India. Maria Mandare’s regional excellence began with winning the SAFF U-15 football trophy in 2017. The following year Misrat Jahan Moushumi also won the Under-18 SAFF title.

After winning the Under-19 Women’s SAFF trophy last year, the SAFF title has come this time. All these came in sequence. The women’s football of the country is getting the results of keeping the women’s football players in the camp for the entire year in Buff.

The team is now so organized that no one cares about high-ranking Malaysia, India, Nepal or Hong Kong. In 2019, in the final stage of AFC U-16 football, Australia, playing in the World Cup, was forced to draw 2-2. This is the biggest achievement of Tahura Khatuns against any team playing in the World Cup.

Now all that’s left is success in women’s Asian Cup, AFC U-19 and Olympic Games qualifiers.

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