5 business establishments fined in Barisal

5 business establishments fined in Barisal
5 business establishments fined in Barisal

Barisal: The National Directorate of Consumer Rights Protection has fined five business establishments after raiding Gourandi in Barisal.

On Tuesday (September 20), they carried out the operation in the Gournadi port and bus stand area.

Assistant Director of Divisional Office Sumi Rani Mitra, Assistant Director of District Office under the leadership of Apoorva Adhikari, Deputy Director of Barisal Divisional Office of National Consumer Protection Directorate with the cooperation of Gournadi Police Station. Shah Shoaib Miah, Upazila Sanitary Inspector Shankar Kumar Das were present.

Shah Shoaib Mia Janan, Abhiyaan fined 32,000 rupees to five businesses for violating various sections of the Consumer Rights Protection Act, 2009.

During the campaign, leaflets regarding Consumer Rights Act were distributed among the local citizens.

Sumi Rani Mitra, assistant director of Barisal divisional office of National Directorate of Consumer Rights Protection, said that the market surveillance operation will continue in the interest of the public.

Bangladesh time: 2020 hours, September 20, 2022

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