Teacher’s son in private car driver’s seat, seriously injured Rabi student

Teacher’s son in private car driver’s seat, seriously injured Rabi student
Teacher’s son in private car driver’s seat, seriously injured Rabi student

A student of Rajshahi University (Rabi) was seriously injured after being hit by a private car. The accident took place on Sunday (September 18) around 3:30 pm on Rajshahi’s Bihas to Airport Road.

The name of the injured student is Ayesha Khatun. He is a third year student of Islamic Studies department of the university. Currently he is admitted in Rajshahi Medical College (RAMEK) Hospital.

The private car is the professor of crop science and technology department of the university. Md. Khairul Islam’s son was said to be driving.

According to eyewitness sources, Ayesha Khatun was going home from the university by auto-rickshaw via Bihas Road. At that time, a private car coming fast from the front lost control and hit the battery operated autorickshaw. Ayesha got serious injuries on her head, legs and waist. The autorickshaw driver was also seriously injured. Local people rescued them from the spot and admitted them to Ramek Hospital.

Ayesha’s classmate Al-Amin Hossain (bullet) said, ‘The accident happened due to reckless driving of the private car driver. We learned that the driver is the son of a teacher in the Crop Science and Technology Department of Inter Padua University. How reasonable is it to give car keys to a young boy? No one has the right to endanger another person’s life to fulfill his son’s hobby.’

He said, I am demanding the punishment of the reckless driver and compensation for the injured. Otherwise, we will be forced to move on it.

When asked, student adviser of the university Tarek Noor said that the condition of the injured student is very critical. He had a deep wound on his head. We are checking him regularly.

On Tuesday (September 20) evening, Professor Dr. Several attempts were made to contact Khairul Islam on his mobile phone. However, his statement was not known as he did not answer the phone.

Monir Hossain Mahin/SR/ASM

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