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As seen by Queen Elizabeth

As seen by Queen Elizabeth
As seen by Queen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth II, the head of state of 16 countries belonging to Britain and the Commonwealth, has died at the age of 96. He was the head of state for 70 years of his life. Much of his illustrious life is being published globally today. The text is my memoir about Rani.

As a child I heard a rhyme-Pussy cat, pussy cat, Where have you been, I have been to London, To see the Queen. After learning this rhyme, I have been to London many times for study and travel purposes. But the 2013 trip to London was significant and memorable for many reasons.

No, I didn’t go to see the Queen of Services, I went to the Centenary Conference of the Association of Commonwealth Universities, but fortunately met Her Majesty the Queen.

After arriving in London, my eldest son is an associate professor of Dhaka University and a post-doctoral researcher in London. Mushfiq Mannan Chowdhury told me that the formalities of the day included a reception at Buckingham Palace, the residence of the Commonwealth Head and Patron of the Association, Her Majesty the Queen, where only a select few could attend.

In fact, that’s why I didn’t know about visiting Buckingham Palace and meeting Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. On the second day of the conference, I felt over the moon when I received the invitation to visit the Queen’s Palace.

Along with the invitation letter, we were also informed about the rules and regulations for meeting the queen. I looked forward to the day with keen interest. As part of the wait I went to bed at 9pm on October 17th. A kind of mental disturbance was working and sleep was not coming. I remembered seeing the Queen courtesy of the British Council 40 years ago as a student at Manchester Business School.

At that time Rani was 47 years old and her children were full of youth. The people of Britain, billions of people around the world revere and adore the name of the Queen. The Queen is Head of the Commonwealth; However, he is still the head of state of some Commonwealth countries. I heard that billions of people around the world spent the night in front of the television just to catch a glimpse of him.

Millions of people left their offices, courts, factories, educational institutions and spent sleepless nights or stayed awake to watch his birthday or accession days on television. Many rent the roofs of high-rise buildings not far from Buckingham Palace at exorbitant rents, so that they can catch a glimpse of Buckingham Palace and the Queen.

I saw the police and security forces struggling to control the crowd. Although everything is debated in Britain, I rarely hear debate about the Queen. Rani is a meeting goddess. To meet him or to come in contact with him is one of the greatest achievements of life.

His palace, Buckingham Palace, is surrounded by security; But still the presence of thousands of people is a daily occurrence there. We will all leave for Buckingham Palace at seven o’clock. As I said earlier, sleep was delayed due to a kind of excitement and excitement. However, I didn’t realize when I fell asleep after keeping the clothes, entry card and identity card close at hand.

When I woke up, I saw that it was 10 o’clock on the clock. Looking at the clock filled my heart with regret. I went to talk to my wife lying next to me in a pleading tone, then I saw my mobile ringing and it was 5 am. He came back to life. One constant of mine is that wherever I leave the country; Always keep the Bangladesh time on the clock. I consider it a symbol of my patriotism and patriotism. And because of that, the confusion is not less. The proof of which is my momentary disappointment and regret on October 18. Well, lucky me it’s still 5am UK time.

Now I got up and with a little something in my mouth, arranged my eldest son as a driver and left for the University of London. Traffic congestion in London is not less than Dhaka. And you have to pay extra to enter the congested area. However, I arrived at the Senate House after spending about an hour and a half at a fast pace. After the annual general meeting between 8:30 AM and 9:30 AM, we boarded the bus and left for Buckingham Palace.

I reached in front of Buckingham Palace within an hour. Upon arrival, I saw hundreds of local and foreign tourists surrounding Buckingham Palace and taking pictures from different angles. Buckingham Palace is the residence of the Royal Family, which has 775 rooms. It was originally called Buckingham House, which was built in 1705. In 1837, when Queen Victoria started living in this building, it was named Buckingham Palace. In addition to being a residence, it is the administrative headquarters of the royal family, where royal functions, receptions and honors are held.

While we were sitting in the bus, the security personnel made us sit and finished the search. Coming here, we had to leave any kind of electronic devices like cameras in the bus. Before getting off the bus, an unprecedented incident happened. Suddenly our driver shouted ‘Look, look, Malala is appearing. This is something extra for you.’ I was a bit shocked and hesitated to believe what he said.

The reason for hesitation is that I was eating in a British restaurant 40 years ago. The person sitting in front drinking beer was a bus driver by profession. In conversation I asked him ‘Do you know Einstein?’ Without a moment’s delay, the gentleman replied, ‘Why not, I just sat with him yesterday in this restaurant and had a drink.’ I didn’t know if I should laugh or cry after hearing this.

This was then the cultural standard for a bus driver in Britain. Today, her successor has recognized Malala before me, mainly because of information technology. Seeing the fearless young woman of the world filled with eyes, I moved forward. I couldn’t take a picture of him because I didn’t have a camera.

Alighting from the bus, we proceeded along the line and entered the reception room of the palace. Shortly after we left, we were treated to a variety of dried nuts and soft drinks, from hard drinks like champagne. After sitting down and drinking orange and apple juice, I stood in line again. I came to know that the queen will meet us in the inner grand hall. It was not mentioned in the program.

Some of the rules for meeting the Queen were told in advance and communicated in writing. The informant jokingly told me, ‘Look, the queen will not stand for long. He will not be addressed as any other than His Highness and may not want to shake his hand.’ I forgot all these things when I reached Rani.

Standing next to him, he extended his hand for a handshake. There was a couple of conversations. I realized that his knowledge about Bangladesh is poor. Standing near, I told him, because my son and his birthday are the same day, my son Dr. Every time Muntasir Mannan Chowdhury sent him a card, he got a reply. Dr. my mezzo son with Rani. Muntasir Mannan Chowdhury has an unforgettable memory.

As his birthday and Rani’s birthday happened to be on the same day, he sent Rani a card with birthday greetings as a child. To the surprise of all of us, Rani responded to this greeting.

After that we were taken to a different room. It is an auditorium-like room, called a ballroom. After we were all seated, Her Majesty the Queen, her husband the Duke of Edinburgh, Princess Beatrice and the Duke and Duchess of Gloucester arrived and took their seats in the front. At this stage we were given a program of cultural events. I thought the queen would give a speech at the beginning or end of the program. Vocal and instrumental music was performed in the half-hour program.

After the service we were preparing to go back. I went forward. Looking ahead, distributors are standing in different positions with different food for us. This room is decorated with various works of art. I was tempted to take pictures; But there is no way. I was tempted to peek inside the palace; But the Mullah’s race was limited to the mosque.

We eat mindfully. Suddenly I saw Her Majesty the Queen with her family members coming to exchange greetings with us. As this scene was unimaginable, I was speechless in front of the queen and family members. Rani and her family members stood very close and talked openly with everyone.

The British Empire that would not have been ruled by one day, that empire does not exist today, but I saw the mighty Queen as a loving mother, as a selfless person. Arrogance or arrogance does not touch him. I got a chance to talk to him again as there was no excessive security like in our country. Before this discussion was over, it was time for us to return.

There is a lot of firewood to be burned on the way to London. However, the association’s centenary conference and the meeting with the Queen will live on for a long time. When I went out and told people I knew – I met, shook hands and talked with the Queen; Then many people laughed it off. But when I showed them pictures from the Queen’s PR department, their faith returned.

The last word about the queen is first. Moon climbers arrived in Dhaka in 1969. As they passed by the TSC, I wanted to pinch one very closely to see if they were really human. Rani in front of that thought – is she really humane? Even at the age of 87 in 2013, she is healthy, vibrant, beautiful and adored by millions of people!

He left many in tears or in awe. Respect to him.

Professor Dr. Abdul Mannan Chowdhury: Freedom fighter and educationist

The article is in Bengali

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