This time the video of Meghna coiling water and rising to the sky is viral

This time the video of Meghna coiling water and rising to the sky is viral
This time the video of Meghna coiling water and rising to the sky is viral

A video of Meghna river water rising into the sky in the shape of a coil in Laxmipur’s Ramgati has gone viral on social media. A lot of excitement has been created about this.

On Friday (September 9) around 3:30 pm, Majid Hossain Umar, an employee of the fishery at Tanki Machghat of the upazila, posted the video on his Facebook ID.

The caption of the video posted by Majid reads, ‘Ya Allah, what a terrible form of nature.. I saw it with my own eyes today… Place – Tanki Ghat, Ramgatti.’

However, the upazal administration and local fish traders said that they did not see any incident of water rising towards the sky or Jalkundali. Don’t even know about it.

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Meanwhile, Sajib Zamindar, the former general secretary of Chargazi Union Chhatra League of Upazila, posted the same video on his Facebook wall around 4:30 pm.

A Facebook user named Maksudur Rahman Apon commented on his post that he saw the scene. The scene was seen around 3:20 p.m.

Majid, who recorded the video, is a resident of Majuchaudhuri’s Hat area of ​​Chararmani Mohan Union of Lakshmipur Sadar Upazila. He passed HSC from Lakshmipur Govt College. He works as a relative’s fisherman at Tanki Ghat in Ramgatti.

When asked to know, Majid Hossain Umar said, I work in a warehouse at Tanki Ghat. After lunch, I sat on the bank of the river. Suddenly near the ghat, the water of the river is seen rising towards the sky. Capture instant video on mobile. Posted it later.

Abdur Rob, a fish trader at Tanki Ghat, said, I was also at the Ghat in the afternoon. There was no sight of water rising towards the sky. Someone shared a video on Facebook. Many have asked to know from us. But I did not see any such scene.

Ramgati Upazila Nirbahi Officer (UNO) SM Shantunu Chowdhury said UP Panel Chairman was present at Tanki Ghat in the afternoon. He had never seen such a scene. In addition, the locals have also been talked to. They also could not confirm the truth of the incident.

On the evening of July 23, the biggest haor hakaluki in South Asia near Sujanagar Barhali Chatla Bill of Baralekha Upazila of Moulvibazar was seen rising in the sky. Some videos of that incident went viral on social media.

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After the incident, Mustafa Kamal Palash, a weather and climate researcher at Saskatchewan University in Canada, gave a scientific explanation.

He said there was a tornado over Hakaluki Hawr. The supernatural phenomenon that occurred in Hakaluki Hawar of Juri Upazila of Moulvibazar district is called ‘waterspout’ or aquatic tornado in the language of meteorological science.

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