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After the ACC operation, the face of Sherbangla Medical College can be recognized?

After the ACC operation, the face of Sherbangla Medical College can be recognized?
After the ACC operation, the face of Sherbangla Medical College can be recognized?

The appearance of Sher Bangla Medical College Hospital in Barisal has changed after the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) raid. Recognition is a responsibility! At least this is what the patients and their relatives are saying after seeing the pictures of the last two-three days. Instead of complaints, everyone is now praising.

Where earlier doctors of Shere Bangla Medical College Hospital could not be seen even in emergencies, now everyone is available even without asking. The picture is so promising that by 8 am, doctors are coming to the outdoor and indoor areas. They have also increased the time to see patients several times.

Sher Bangla Medical College Hospital is an irrefutable proof of how an operation changed the image of a government hospital. Although the doctors of the hospital are protesting against the operation of the ACC. They accused the ACC officials of misconduct. He also asked for the removal of an officer.

On Wednesday, Bangladesh Medical Association (BMA), an organization of doctors, also submitted a memorandum in this regard to the Barisal Divisional Commissioner. However, local residents and patients and their relatives who come for medical treatment want such operations to be conducted regularly in all government hospitals of the country.

ACC officials found evidence during the operation last Tuesday that the doctors of Sherebangla Medical College Hospital left their government duties and spent time in private clinics. As a result, the patients who come for treatment are in extreme suffering and confusion.

The ACC Enforcement Unit conducted operations on four complaints received by the Commission on Tuesday. Out of these, the recommendations received from three expeditions are sent to the concerned department through letters. These things are known from the information sent by the ACC.

ACC Hotline-106 complained against a doctor and others of Barisal Sherbangla Medical College Hospital for not attending work regularly and chambering in private clinics without providing treatment to patients. Based on this, a team led by Assistant Director Raj Kumar Saha of Barisal Coordinated Office of ACC conducted the operation on Tuesday.

During the operation on this day, the ACC team did not find the concerned doctor of the medicine and neurology department mentioned in the complaint anywhere in his room, classroom or ward. His room was locked at that time.

When I went to the hospital principal Moniruzzaman Shaheen’s office to collect information about this, he was also not available. The team observed the biometric attendance booth and found that most (minimum 15) doctors gave their biometric attendance late by about one and a half hours.

When the enforcement team informed the principal about the raid on mobile phone, he came to the office. But he neglected to provide biometric attendance information regarding attendance of doctors. He even refused to give the information to the team.

On the other hand, the complaint was not received even after calling the doctor at 10 am. The Principal could not give any reply regarding his absence. During the raid, no other doctors were found except two interns in the medicine and orthopedics department of the hospital.

During the operation, the patients seeking treatment, the patients who came for treatment in the ward and their relatives complained to the ACC team about the lack of doctors and poor management in the hospital. They seek remedy through the Anti-Corruption Commission. Remedy though. However, it remains to be seen how long this good image of the hospital will last.

(Dhakatimes/September 10/AH)

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