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The road is five hours, it takes 10 hours to go 1181949 | The voice of time

The road is five hours, it takes 10 hours to go 1181949 | The voice of time
The road is five hours, it takes 10 hours to go 1181949 | The voice of time

It takes more than 10 hours to reach Barguna by ferry from Dhaka. Barguna could be reached in five and a half hours from Dhaka after the Padma Bridge was opened. Now it takes the same time as before. This is because the Dhaka-bound passenger bus service through Barguna-Bakerganj-Barisal road has been stopped for a month.


Buses on this route are forced to cross Subidkhali and Amtali ferries in Patuakhali to Barguna. The people of this southern district are not able to use the benefits of the Padma Bridge. The journey takes three to four hours more than the scheduled time.

Passengers of long-distance vehicles plying in Mirzaganj of Barguna Sadar, Betagi, Taltali, Patuakhali have suffered due to obstruction of traffic.

A bus driver of the Dhaka-Barguna route, who did not want to be named, said that there is no route permit, it is an alleged excuse. The reason for blocking the movement of Dhaka buses coming from Bakerganj towards Barguna is the decrease in the number of passengers in Barisal-Barguna local buses on this route. They are blaming Dhaka buses. Having to cross the Amtali ferry. It costs an additional two thousand rupees and takes three to four hours.

According to local sources, to give road permits to long-distance vehicles, the road is not as wide as it needs to be. Due to this, buses plying on Dhaka-Barguna route are not allowed.

In the meantime, an application has been made from the Roads and Highways Department to convert this district road into a regional road.

Recently, the owners and workers of Rupatali Bus Owners Association of Barisal have stopped the bus service of Dhaka through Barguna-Bakerganj road.

As a result, the buses are passing through Mirzaganj in Patuakhali and Amtali ferry in Barguna district. It takes 10 hours. As a result, Dhaka-bound passengers are suffering.

A passenger named Golam Haider said, ‘Now we are deprived of the benefits of the Padma Bridge. Another passenger Lovely Begum said, “I came from Dhaka to Barguna by bus with a small child. It took more than 10 hours to reach Barguna after crossing the ferry. But a few days ago I reached Dhaka from Barguna in just five hours by bus. ‘

Kawsar Hossain Shipon, General Secretary of Rupatali Bus Owners Association of Barisal, said that they have route permit in one way, they will go in another way, it is not right. Barguna Deputy Commissioner Habibur Rahman said, ‘I have informed the Divisional Administrator. ‘

Syed Gias Uddin, Executive Engineer of Barguna Roads and Public Roads Department, Barguna Office, said, ‘Barguna-Bakerganj 57 km road is included as a district road. I applied to include it in the regional road six to seven months ago. Hopefully, it will be done soon. ‘

The article is in Bengali


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