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Student suicide: 364 deaths in eight months, tops | 1181944 | The voice of time

Student suicide: 364 deaths in eight months, tops | 1181944 | The voice of time
Student suicide: 364 deaths in eight months, tops | 1181944 | The voice of time

364 students committed suicide in eight months from January to August this year. 194 of them are school going. Suicide rates are highest among 13- to 20-year-olds, accounting for 78.6 percent of all suicides.

This information was given in a press conference organized by Anchal Foundation on Friday.


‘Student suicide rates on the rise: how much should we worry?’ They published this information in a survey report. This survey report is prepared based on the information published in the media.
According to the report, an average of more than 45 students committed suicide every month during the said eight months. Among the 364 suicides, 53.30 percent were school goers. College students are in second position. They are 76 in number, which is 20.88 percent. The number of suicides among university students is 50, which is 13.74 percent. Among the students who committed suicide were students studying in madrassas. They are 44, which is 12.09 percent.

Dhaka division tops student suicides. 25.27 percent students committed suicide in Dhaka in the last eight months. This rate is 16.48 percent in Chittagong Division and 14.01 percent in Khulna Division. 8.78 percent students committed suicide in Rangpur division. 9.62 percent in Barisal division, 7.42 percent in Mymensingh division and 14.01 percent in Rajshahi division. Sylhet division has comparatively fewer students committing suicide, which is 4 percent.

Female students are more likely to commit suicide. They are 221 people or 60.71 percent. Male students are 143 or 39.29 percent.

Among the students are 50 university students. Out of this 60 percent are male students and 40 percent are female students. 76 people committed suicide in college. Out of this 46.05 percent are male and 53.95 percent are female. School going students are on the verge of suicide. They are 194 people. Among them, 32.99 percent are male and 67.01 percent are female. 44 of the madrasa students committed suicide. Among them, 39.29 percent are male and 60.71 percent are female.

According to the report, suicide rate is highest among 13 to 20-year-olds, which is 78.6 percent. 13.46 percent of students between the ages of 21 and 26 committed suicide. Those under the age of 13, too, did not retreat from this path. Among students aged six to 12, 7.97 percent, i.e. 29, committed suicide. Teenagers aged 14 to 16 committed suicide the most, accounting for 160.

According to the report, the most, i.e. 25.27 percent students committed suicide due to love. 24.73 percent committed suicide. 7.42 percent committed suicide due to the mismatch of demands with the family. 6.59 percent suicides due to family disputes.

Suicide from rape or sexual harassment is 4.67 percent. 6.59 percent from mental problems. 0.82 percent due to study pressure, 0.82 percent due to frustration due to session congestion and 1.92 percent due to failure in exams.

1.65 percent for false accusation of theft, 1.92 percent for financial problems, 0.55 percent for suicide due to grief over the death of a friend. Suicide is 1.10 percent due to rejection of marriage proposal and dislike of husband. However, the cause of suicide of 15.93 percent is not known.

Cyber ​​crime is also behind the suicide. Four students committed suicide after being blackmailed by recording offensive pictures and videos on their mobile phones. Eight people committed suicide by posting on social media Facebook. Two committed suicide by video call. 0.27 percent of lovers committed suicide by pointing selfie cameras at themselves. Eight people committed suicide by writing suicide notes.

Tansen Rose, founder president of Anchal Foundation, said in a virtual conference that not being able to control emotions is one of the major causes of suicide. Students committed suicide out of shame for not getting anything from their families.

He said that a seven-year-old child also committed suicide. Who is not old enough to understand suicide. The reasons behind his suicide should also be analyzed and measures should be taken to strengthen the morale of students from childhood.

Professor Kamal Uddin Ahmed Chowdhury, Department of Clinical Psychology, University of Dhaka, said that appropriate steps should be taken to find out the reasons behind the alarming rate of suicide.

10 proposals of Anchal Foundation to prevent suicide and protect mental health of students

Formation of a task force consisting of experts to deal with suicide, implementation of mental education and mind care strategies in textbooks, directives of the Ministry of Education to put the agenda of students’ mental health and suicide on the agenda of parent assemblies, appointment of psychiatrists in all educational institutions, basic mental health training, participation in co-educational activities. Increase and implement, conduct mobile campaigns in educational institutions, live streaming of depression-offensive images-suicides online, use special tools on social media to identify suicide posts, have legal obligations to hold families and acquaintances accountable, and a toll-free national to make mental health care fast and accessible. Activation of hotline numbers.

National Institute of Mental Health Associate Professor Dr. Helaluddin Ahmed told Kal Kantha that it is not possible to single out responsibility for suicide prevention. In this regard, family, institution and society must work together. Do not give importance to any one. The family environment was kept good, but it was seen that there was bullying going to the educational institution. Let it not happen. Besides, not only the physical development of the child, but also his mental development should be taken care of.

The article is in Bengali

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