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Blockade on demand of entry age of 35

Blockade on demand of entry age of 35
Blockade on demand of entry age of 35

Shahbag intersection has been blocked demanding that the age limit for entry into government service be increased to 35 and the implementation of the current government’s election manifesto. At this time, the police baton-charged the protestors. At least 10 people were injured. The agitators claimed that two have been arrested.

Around 4 pm on Friday, the agitators started protesting by blocking the road at Shahbagh intersection under the banner of ‘Employed youth generation, Bangladesh’. Earlier, they protested in front of Shahbagh National Museum with the same demand.

As a result of the protestors’ location at Shahbagh intersection, traffic jams were created on the surrounding roads, and the police were also stationed there to control the situation. Later around 5 pm, the police dispersed the protesters with batons and took some to the police station. Later, the agitators went separately in front of the Shahbag police station and the National Museum and raised slogans.

The agitators said that the police attacked them without provocation when they were peacefully protesting at Shahbagh intersection. 15-20 of them were injured. In addition, the police arrested 3 of them. They announced that they will continue the movement for fair demands by overcoming all obstacles.

In this regard, Shahbagh Police Station Officer-in-Charge (OC) Maudud Howladar said that the agitators blocked the Shahbagh intersection and caused suffering to the people. So they have been removed. However, no one was arrested.

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