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Small land owners cannot build houses on their own

Small land owners cannot build houses on their own
Small land owners cannot build houses on their own

In the future, the owners of the land will not be able to build a single house under three floors. In this case, you will get permission if you build multiple plots together. Such a decision is going to be taken by the Capital Development Authority (RAJUK).

Meanwhile, in Uttara, a house cannot be built above 6 floors on three khata land. The capital’s land owners and housing traders are worried. Many are frustrated and thinking of reducing the construction work.

In many areas houses could be built even though there were few roads. Rajuk’s new DAP implementation does not have that opportunity. Realtors say Rajuk’s plan is good, but more consideration should be given.

Capital Development Authority (RAJUK) published the revised Master Plan Detail Area Plan (DAP) gazette on August 23, keeping in mind the issue of increasing civic amenities in the capital.

The businessmen of the housing sector are shaken by this. They consider it as business loss. And Rajuk sees it as a plan to build a beautiful livable city of the future. Rajuk also wants to pay special attention to Old Dhaka.

If DAP is implemented, how much will the small land owners, especially the owners who bought the land together, benefit? If there is a maximum six-story building on three acres of land, how much can they divide it among themselves? Day by day the cost of construction materials is increasing, which could be compensated by multi-storied buildings. But in the new law of DAP, that chance is decreasing a lot.

A jobber named Obaidul Haque bought a place in Meradia area of ​​the capital. He said to Dhaka Times, ‘Some of us have bought three khata land with the intention of building a house in the future. But if DAP is implemented, our desire to build that house will remain a dream.’

The MD of the real estate businessman VIP Landmark. Billal Hossain told Dhaka Times that if DAP is implemented, small land owners will suffer, while large land owners will benefit more. It is a form of discrimination. At the same time, the number of high-rise buildings will also decrease.

Md. Billal Hossain said, many people have bought land at a high price, hoping to build a building together. But now if they build 5 storey building instead of 10 storey, some people will be able to live in it, and the rest will be deprived.

As a result of the implementation of DAP, the land prices in the main cities will decrease, while the land prices in the far-flung areas will increase – this is what the MD of VIP Landmarks thinks.

Rajuk Chairman said that DAP has been formulated keeping in mind the social benefits of the capital residents. Anishur Rahman Mia.

Rajuk Chairman told Dhaka Times that social issues of citizens have been emphasized in the new DAP. Area-wise parks, water bodies, schools, community centers etc. have been given importance. As per DAP high rise building must be done, in that case sufficient space around the building should be kept free. If the building is constructed in a large area, the building owners will surely benefit.

Pointing to old Dhaka, Rajuk chairman said, there are no good facilities of roads. However, Rajuk is working to ensure that these facilities remain in the future.

In the future, approval may not be given to build houses on small plots of land, Rajuk chairman said, and several owners of small plots of land will be encouraged to build buildings together. This will be done mainly so that future generations can grow safely in a beautiful environment.

With the aim of building a livable Dhaka metropolis for the next generation, various plans including reducing the existing problems, dividing Dhaka into six regions, connecting lakes, canals and rivers to establish communication channels and reducing rainwater flooding, recreational parks have been included in the revised DAP announced by Rajuk.

(Dhakatimes/September 10/MOA)

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