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35 leaders of Barisal want boats in Zilla Parishad

35 leaders of Barisal want boats in Zilla Parishad
35 leaders of Barisal want boats in Zilla Parishad

35 Awami League leaders have sought party nomination for the post of Zilla Parishad Chairman in 6 districts of Barisal. In the meantime, they have applied to the central nomination board of the party for the boat symbol.

BNP is not participating in this election, Jatiya Party is not giving candidates. According to reports received from various districts, there is little possibility of Awami League rebel or independent candidate for the post of chairman. As a result, it is fairly certain that those who are getting party nominations of Awami League are going to sit on the post of district chairman. In this case, the question has arisen about whether there will be an election for the post of chairman in these 6 districts.

Zilla Parishad elections are being held on October 17. According to the schedule, candidates for the post of chairman and members have to submit their nominations by September 15. According to the rules, elected representatives of different levels of the district vote in this election. Even though other political parties, including BNP-Jatiya Party, are not interested, extensive preparations are being made for the elections and the struggle to get party nominations is going on in the ruling party.

The initiative to nominate candidates has also been taken on a party basis. Awami League has already completed the sale and submission of party nomination forms. 35 Awami League leaders from 6 districts of Barisal have written their names in this list. All of them are seeking the nomination of Awami League for the post of chairman.

5 people have submitted party nomination application in Barisal. They are the current district council administrator Maidul Islam, former district chairman Mukti Joddha Khan Altaf Hossain Bhulu, Barisal Metropolitan Awami League President Advocate AKM Jahangir, Metropolitan Awami League Vice President BM College former VP Anwar Hossain and District Jubo League President Md. Zakir Hossain. Among them, several sources have confirmed that Advocate Jahangir is getting the support of the district and metropolitan Awami League.

5 people have sought party nomination in Pirojpur. They are former district chairman and current administrator district Awami League organizing secretary Mohiuddin Maharaj, Bhandaria Upazila Awami League member Abdullah Al Masud, Nesharabad Upazila Women Awami League president Hasina Moni, Pirojpur Municipal Awami League member and Upazila Chairman Mojibur Rahman Khalek’s wife Salma Rahman and Swaroop Kathi. Municipal Awami League member Shamsunnahar Begum.

Although 5 people applied for party nomination, the reality here is different. Out of 747 voters of the district council, 704 have already sent a letter to the center requesting party nomination for Mohiuddin Maharaj. They also held public meetings on behalf of Maharaj. Only 3 candidates have sought party nomination for the post of Chairman in Bhola Zilla Parishad. They are the current administrator and former district council chairman, district Awami League vice-president Abdul Momin Tulu, the party’s national council member Hamidul Haque Bahalul and Krishak League leader Mofizul Islam.

Patuakhali and Barguna districts have the highest number of leaders seeking party nominations. Those seeking nomination in Patuakhali are current administrator Khalilur Rahman Mohan, district Awami League president freedom fighter Kazi Alamgir, general secretary VP Abdul Mannan, former upazila and municipal chairman Sultan Ahmed Mridha, Jubo League leader Noor Mohammad Jahangir, district Awami League vice president principal Syed Babul, advocate. Harun Or Rashid, Taslim Sikder and Rezaul Karim Alamgir Mia.

Barguna nomination candidates are-former district chairman and administrator district Awami League secretary Jahangir Kabir, district joint general secretary freedom fighter Abdul Motaleb Mridha, former upazila chairman Abbas Hossain Montu Molla, former municipal mayor Advocate Md. Shahjahan, District Awami League Information and Research Secretary Advocate Mojibul Haque Kislu, Advocate Ziauddin Himu, Advocate Abdul Motaleb Mia and Md. Jamal Uddin Biswas.

In Jhalkathi, the chairman and administrator have applied for party nomination, the current administrator district Awami League president Sardar Shah Alam, district Awami League general secretary Khan Saifullah Panir, Sadar upazila chairman Arifur Rahman, former upazila chairman Advocate GK Mostafizur Rahman and recently former district Awami League president Sardar Shah Alam, who has been in charge for 4 consecutive terms. Zilla Parishad member Faizur Rob Azad.

It has been confirmed long ago that BNP is not participating in this election. Jatiya Party is not fielding any candidate in these 6 districts. Iqbal Hossain Tapos, advisor to party chairman Golam Mohammad Quader, said, ‘No one’s candidacy for the party in 6 districts of Barisal is yet confirmed. As far as I know, no one has even expressed interest in being a candidate. So it can be assumed that we are not giving any candidate there.’

Talking to many of those who have applied for nomination in various districts, it is also confirmed that there is no desire to run against the party candidate. Khan Saifullah Panir, general secretary of Jhalkathi district Awami League, said, ‘I will vote for the boat. Be it mine or someone else’s. There is no question of going beyond the party decision.’

A leader of Barisal district Awami League said on the condition of not revealing his identity, ‘The party is taking a strict stand against party rebels. A tough decision was also announced not to allow the rebels to nominate in any election. In such a situation, no one wants to risk the political future. As a result, there is no possibility of anyone rebelling in this election.’

No one has been heard of who will be an independent candidate in the election. In the end, if this situation continues, maybe the boat candidates will win unopposed. The Election Commission may not require polling for the post of chairman. But there is a demand from almost every district. That is the party nomination of the deprived.

A number of Awami League leaders and activists in various districts and upazilas said, ‘There are many sacrifices and tested leaders who have not received anything from the party till date. On the contrary, the number of leaders who have been MP, Mayor, Chairman for several times is not less. A request to the center to give party nomination to those who are working for the party without any hope of getting anything. Let the same face and the same leadership change again and again. Appreciation is dedicated to the Pak team.’

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