Urea fertilizer crisis in Kahalu due to manipulation by dealers

Urea fertilizer crisis in Kahalu due to manipulation by dealers
Urea fertilizer crisis in Kahalu due to manipulation by dealers

In Kahalu upazila of Bogra, farmers are not getting fertilizer in the current Aman season due to the manipulation of dishonest dealers. They have to return to the dealer’s shop in depression without getting fertilizer. Even if there is some urea fertilizer in the dealer’s house, it is again coagulation barrier. Many farmers are reluctance to buy urea fertilizer due to this stagnation in the government price. However, the Agriculture Office says there is sufficient stock of fertilizer in Kahalu, and there is no crisis. Farmers will get urea fertilizer within two days.
According to related sources, 13 BCIC dealers have been appointed to ensure fertilizer supply in nine unions and one municipality of Kahalu upazila. They are M/s Bahar Enterprises Kahalu Bazar, M/s Jahangir & Sons Kahalu Bazar, M/s Golam Kibria Tin Dighi Hut, M/s Star Enterprise Arola Bazar, M/s Asia Traders Muril Bazar, M/s Biswas Traders Eruil Bazar, M/s Hafizar Traders Jamgram Hut, M/s Kahalu Rich Mill. Bibirpukur Bazar, M/s Shafiq & Brothers Durgapur Bazar, M/s Emran Hossain Shekhahar Bazar, M/s Masuma Begum Dargahat, M/s Rahim Traders Bibirpukur Bazar and M/s Tin Bhai Raich Mill & Boiler Dargahat. Apart from this, 26 BADCs and 90 retail dealers have been appointed to sell TSP and other non-urea fertilizers. These dealers are selling non-urea and urea fertilizers through different persons instead of selling urea fertilizers to local farmers. However, retail dealers are currently not allowed to sell fertilizers due to various irregularities, said the Upazila Agriculture Officer.
According to upazila agriculture office sources, 55 metric tons of urea fertilizer was allocated among 13 dealers in the upazila last August. Another 166 metric tons of urea has been allocated in the upazila to avoid artificial fertilizer crisis. Farmers will buy urea fertilizer directly from these dealers.
When we spoke to the BCIC dealers in this regard, they said, we are selling urea fertilizer at the price set by the government. BADC dealers said, we do not have allocation of urea fertilizer. Unable to sell urea fertilizer from BCIC Dilad.
In this regard, Upazila Agriculture Officer Moinul Haque Sarkar said, there is no crisis of fertilizer. There are some problems with fertilizer extraction and distribution. Due to this artificial crisis has arisen.

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