Dhaka Metropolitan North BNP in ‘syndicate trouble’

Dhaka Metropolitan BNP is being prepared for anti-government movement. The process of reorganizing the organization from wards, units is going on at a fast pace. Dhaka Metropolitan North BNP has completed the program of bringing in the leaders of the tyagis and qualified through councils from ward to police station level as part of various activities to build movement-oriented leadership.

In the meantime, the new leadership has been elected on the basis of Trinamool’s direct vote in the councils of 71 wards. On the other hand, the leaders want to finish the South Ward Council in a quick time.

However, the top leaders of Dhaka Metropolitan North BNP are in trouble due to a syndicate in the process of organizing Dhaka metropolis, the most important movement-struggle.

To prove the failure of the present committee, the leaders of the metropolitan north have alleged that they are trying to inflame the field leaders against the top leaders of the North BNP. It is said that Tariq Rahman and Hawa Bhaban’s close friend Ghiyas Al Mamun, who is in jail, and many other candidates for the various constituencies in Dhaka city are among them.

A leader of the current committee said that since the announcement of this committee, a syndicate has started its mission to fail it. Although the leaders of the organization do not want to give importance to these activities. They say that the organization should be allowed to continue on the path of organization. Those who are doing these things are doing it without understanding. Acting Chairman of BNP Tariq Rahman is aware of these issues. No one can get away with conspiracy.

The new convening committee of Dhaka Metropolitan North and South BNP was announced on August 2 last year. In the south, Abdus Salam was made the convener and Rafiqul Alam Majnu as the member secretary and made a 49-member committee. And Amanullah Aman was convened in the committee of 47 members and former footballer Aminul Haque was made the member secretary.

Leaders of Dhaka Metropolitan BNP said that after the new committee took charge, the process of organizing the organization was started. Under the guidance of the acting chairman of the party, Tariq Rahman, every unit and ward took the initiative to develop movement-oriented leadership. The leaders set up eight organizational teams in the north and south to bring in qualified and renegade leaders.

About one lakh membership collection forms were distributed to the workers in the two units. Workshops are held in every ward. On the basis of political affiliations and merits, 71 wards in the north and 74 wards in the south have been announced periodically through these information forms and other meetings.

These announced committees were instructed to form unit committees as soon as possible. In view of this, on April 25, the responsible leaders said that they were able to form 620 unit committees based on neighborhoods and markets in the north of Dhaka metropolis.

Similarly, 702 unit committees were formed in the south. The process of forming the ward committee through the council is also in the final stage.

The leaders and activists said that the Trinamool leaders and activists are excited because the council process has started in the metropolitan committee. The party has already announced that the city leadership will be elected through direct voting. They said that earlier workers used to go to the leaders. But in this council process of BNP, the leaders are now going to the workers, asking for votes. Also making various promises to organize the party. They feel very good about it. There is a real democratic trend in the party.

Syndicate activity

It is known that since the formation of Dhaka Metropolitan North BNP committee, one party started opposing the new committee. It was during their activities that the leaders of the new committee were attacked and shot when they went to lay flowers on the grave of party founder Ziaur Rahman on August 17 last year. On that day, more than fifty leaders and activists including the member secretary of the organization Aminul Haque were injured in the firing by the police.

According to the committee sources, a part of those who could not come to the leadership of the Metropolitan North Committee, colluded with the Awami League and caused the attack. Bahauddin Sadi, a businessman who introduced himself as Ghiyas Al Mamun’s brother-in-law, added fuel to the conflict.

The city north leaders complained that Bahauddin Sadi, who has never held any position in BNP, has influenced the organization of the party by influencing the party’s identity. This time he stepped up to appoint people of his choice in the committee of Dhaka Metropolitan North BNP. But not being able to do that, Mahanagar North is involved in a conspiracy to stop the activities of BNP.

Meanwhile, on June 5, his followers attacked the 1st and 51st Ward Councils of Mahanagara North BNP, vandalized chairs and tables, injured the leaders and workers, and destroyed the food organized for those who came to the council. According to the report of the investigation committee formed in that incident, the party took disciplinary action against 14 people. They were expelled.

Then Bahauddin Sadi marched with his followers against the responsible leaders of the metropolis. As his fuel and involvement in these activities is proved, the BNP has already sent a letter saying – ‘Bahuddin Sadi is not a member of BNP.’

In the letter given by the party, it is said that Bahauddin Sadi is implementing the agenda of Awami League. So instructions have been given that no one from the party should contact him. However, he is alleged to be continuing his activities under the influence of Ghiyas Al Mamun.

The activists said that Bahauddin Sadi was accused of throwing eggs at the Uttara residence of BNP Secretary General Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir because he was not nominated in the by-election. In that incident, 14 leaders and workers of BNP were expelled from the party at that time.

In 2020, the party nominated Jubo Dal leader SM Jahangir for the Dhaka-18 by-election. But from the beginning to the end of the election campaign, sweep marches, black flag marches against the nominated candidate of BNP, SM Jahangir, organized by Bahauddin Sadi to keep the activists away from the election process, which has been published in various media.

When asked about these allegations, Bahauddin Sadi told Dhaka Times, ‘I am not interested in talking about it.’

In response to allegations that he is creating a ring against the leadership of the present Dhaka Metropolitan North BNP, Sadi said, ‘The allegations are not true. I am not associated with North BNP.’

He is not a member of BNP, when asked about such a letter from the party, Sadi said, only those who gave the letter can speak well about it. However, Bahauddin Sadi questioned why the matter is being discussed two months after the letter.

According to another source of Dhaka Metropolitan North BNP, Shafiqul Islam Milton, convener of Dhaka Metropolitan North Youth Dal, has joined Bahauddin Sadi. As the former captain of the national football team Aminul Haque was able to gain the trust of the Acting Chairman of BNP, he got the responsibility of important organizations like Dhaka Metropolitan North BNP.

Yuba Dal leader Milton was hoping for the same post. Ever since Aminul took charge, he has been trying to degrade him to the high command and workers of BNP. Recently, Milton and Sadi were the masterminds behind the march against Aminul, alleging that someone killed a BNP leader in Pallabi area.

Allegations have been made that Milton directed the leaders and activists of the Juba Dal to make the pictures of the procession viral through social media. In particular, he gave strict instructions to the aspiring leaders and workers in the Youth Dal Committee in this regard.

Several leaders of Tejgaon Industrial Area and Gulshan Youth Dal said that Milton directly instructed them to post on Facebook against Aminul. In order to get a place in the committee of Mahanagar North Youth Dal in the future, many posted against Aminul on his order, but they have not given it so far.

Milton did not respond to several phone calls from Dhaka Times for a statement on these issues. Even though a small message was sent to the mobile phone, the youth leader did not give any reply.

BNP candidate for Dhaka-18 by-election in 2020 and former Jubo Dal leader SM Jahangir told Dhaka Times, ‘I have heard Bahauddin Sadi’s name, but I don’t know him.’

Regarding the letter that Sadi is not from BNP, Jahangir said, ‘I have heard about the letter. I am a field worker. I know the field workers. I am not supposed to know the one who plays from behind the screen.’

Syndicate is active in Dhaka Metropolitan South BNP like Dhaka Metropolitan North BNP. But it was not so terrible. The city leaders are working to form the committee after overcoming various obstacles.

In the past days, the top leaders of South BNP have been struggling to coordinate the two districts of the metropolis, Mirza Abbas and Khoka. The leaders and activists said that many people tried to provoke the old conflict but could not be successful.

Member Secretary of Mahanagar North BNP Aminul Haque told Dhaka Times, ‘We want to take the party forward with everyone’s coordination. Ignoring all the adversities, I am working to strengthen the Nagar North BNP at the grassroots level under the instructions of the patriot Tariq Rahman.

Aminul said that the BNP is practicing internal democracy amid the country’s democratic crisis and said, ‘This is how the representatives of the common people are supposed to be elected. But now there is no voting right in the country, no democracy. Work is being done to involve the grassroots and common people in the next movement.’

Metropolitan South BNP Member Secretary Rafiqul Alam Majnu told Dhaka Times that 8 organizational zone-based areas are being formed in the south. Leaders at all levels of the organization are working day and night to organize the team.

(Dhakatimes/10 September/ES/MOA)

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