ASP Rubel beat his wife for dowry

Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) Rubel Haque wants Tk 50 lakh dowry to buy a flat in Dhaka. As he did not get that money, he brutally tortured his wife Saima Sultana Simi. Of course, it is his nature to beat his wife for the slightest reason. Earlier too, Simi was injured by his beating and received treatment. But this time he is bent over. A case has been filed against four members of her family including her husband. The victim says that Rubel took a dowry of Tk 19 lakh during the marriage. But dowry is not the only problem. At least five marriages of her husband have been found. Currently he is involved in an immoral relationship with another woman. Simi is being pressured for a divorce in order to marry him. Torture is sometimes going on for not agreeing.

Accused ASP Rubel is working as Staff Officer of Commandant at Mahera Police Training Center in Tangail. He claims that the allegations of torture are not true.

Saima Sultana Simi complained that when she went to Mirzapur police station in Tangail to file a case after being tortured by her husband, the OC did not register it. Later, on September 6, he filed a case in the Tangail Women and Child Torture Prevention Tribunal accusing Rubel and four members of his family. After the hearing, the judge directed the police to record the case. At the same time, the Chief Judicial Magistrate was instructed to investigate the incident and submit a report.

According to the statement of the case, Rubel is the son of Jarjis Ali Madhu of Terarshia village of Shibganj upazila of Chapainawabganj. The victim Saima Sultana Simi is the daughter of Afzal Hossain of Chakjadu village in Dhamirhat upazila of Naogaon. He completed his education from Eden College. They got married on May 31, 2021. Rubel and his family demanded a dowry of Tk 20 lakh before marriage. Simi’s sister-in-law gave Tk 2 lakh before marriage through the bank. And on the day of the wedding, he gave eight lakhs of taka and 12 loads of gold. In all, Simi’s family was forced to pay a dowry of Tk 19 lakh. Recently, Rubel started merciless torture demanding 50 lakh rupees.

The victim complained that Rubel tortured him extensively on August 18, 2021 while staying in Narayanganj. Injured Simi was treated at Narayanganj Hospital. Then he reported the matter to the police superintendent of Narayanganj. After learning about the complaint, he was further beaten. Later the matter was informed to the DIG of Dhaka range. At this stage, Rubel was transferred to Mahera Police Training Center in Tangail. Here he became more violent. Often inhuman torture on the wife. On May 1, Simi was admitted to the Tangail Police Hospital after being injured in a sting. Rubel beat him by throwing him on the floor while under treatment. Earlier on November 24, Marre broke his arm. Simi was then treated at Tangail Police Center and Sadar Hospital. He received treatment from Tangail MI on November 29. On May 23, Rubel, his parents and sister beat him to death. At one stage mother-in-law Nasima Begum tried to kill him by strangling him. When he escaped to escape the torture, his father-in-law Jarjis Ali and Nanad Nasreen caught him and brought him home and beat him again. At that time, the people of another police officer’s house saw him and he survived. Later, he was admitted to the One Stop Crisis Center (OCC) of Dhaka Medical College Hospital and received treatment. When Simi went to his sister’s house in Dhaka from the hospital, Rubel beat him up. He also informed that if you want to live with him, you will have to pay a dowry of 50 lakh taka. Simi was seriously injured in the torture of his father-in-law, mother-in-law and nuns at the Mahera Officers’ Quarters and was treated at DMK Hospital on August 9. Earlier on July 3, she called the National Emergency Service number 999 after being seriously injured by her husband’s brutal torture. Then SI Mosharof Hossain of Mirzapur police station went and investigated the incident. He reported these incidents to the commandant of Mahera Police Training Center but there was no solution. Later he went to Mirzapur police station to file a case.

About not taking the case, Mirzapur Police Station OC Sheikh Abu Saleh Masood Karim said, ‘He brought a complaint. Since the incident is a marital dispute, I informed the Tangail Superintendent of Police. I was asked to resolve the issue through negotiation.’

Simi told Samakal, ‘Rubel has married several times before marrying me. He got married twice while staying in Narayanganj. According to documents and verbally he has had five marriages. Now he is video chatting with another girl right in front of me. He beat me when I tried to stop him. Torture is being done daily to get divorce. He says I will be killed if I don’t leave on my own. So that they can get married smoothly. He brags, I am a police officer, nothing will happen to me. Despite all this, I want to live with him. I was forced to file a case just to stop the torture.’

When the accused ASP Rubel Haque was called on his personal mobile phone number, he identified himself as a journalist and said, ‘You have called the wrong number. I am not a ruble.’ When called on his official phone number, he said, ‘These allegations are not true. I have no problem with my wife.’

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