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Rohingyas in fear of sudden shelling on Myanmar border

Rohingyas in fear of sudden shelling on Myanmar border
Rohingyas in fear of sudden shelling on Myanmar border

The high hill south of Tumbru Bazar in Ghunghum Union of Naikxyongchari Upazila of Bandarban is in the Rakhine state of Myanmar. Behind the mountain, the heavy firing started on Friday afternoon in Walidong hill. The Arakan Army (AA), a pro-independence armed group, has been clashing and firing with the country’s security forces for a month in the Walidong Hills of Myanmar’s Rakhine state, across the Ghunghum border in Naikxyongchari upazila of Bandarban. Although the shelling has been going on across the border for so long from morning to noon, the shelling has started in the hills since 3:30 pm yesterday. Until this report was written at around 4:30 pm, gunshots could be heard across from Tumbru Bazar in Bangladesh.
More than 4,000 Rohingyas living in shelter camps on the zero line between the two countries were terrified by the sudden sound of gunfire in the afternoon. This shelter was built five years ago on the ground of zero line at the foot of Walidong hill. The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) provided food and relief to the Rohingya there.
Dil Mohammad, chairman of the Zero Line Shelter Camp Management Committee, said heavy firing and clashes are going on between the Arakan Army and the Myanmar security forces. Sometimes the loud sound of artillery and mortar shells is heard. The shelter shakes with the sound of gunfire. So long before noon the fighting would have stopped, the firing would have stopped. In the afternoon, the men and women of the shelter camp came out of the house to do necessary work and the children played sports. As the shooting started suddenly on Friday afternoon, new panic has spread. Panic is high due to shelling near shelters. However, fighter jets and helicopters were not seen flying in the sky.
The zero line shelter is located in Konarpara of Ward No. 2 of Ghunghum Union of Naikshyongchari. Dil Mohammad, a member of UP Ward No. 2, said that it is difficult to keep track of when the firing starts and when it stops across the border. Myanmar’s border with Ghunghum Union is about 15 km. BGB is guarding there.
1 more mortar shell on the Bandarban border: Another mortar shell fired by the Myanmar army has arrived at the Naikkhyongchari border of Bandarban yesterday evening. It falls on the border hills near Konarpara on the Tumbru border. But there was no damage. Earlier in the afternoon, there were reports of heavy firing along the border. Every day these incidents of firing are happening between Pillar No. 35 and Pillar No. 40 of the border. Due to this, intense fear has arisen among the Rohingya citizens living on the border and the common people. Md Jahangir Aziz, UP Chairman of Ghundhum Union, said that a mortar shell landed in the hilly area near Konarpara in the evening. But it falls in bordering Nomansland. BJP members went there after this incident.

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