Why not decentralize university entrance examination center?

Why not decentralize university entrance examination center?
Why not decentralize university entrance examination center?

For the last two years, Dhaka University admission test center decentralization and batch admission test in the divisional city of the examination system, the center is thinking about decentralization. The admission test of Chittagong University has started from August 16, before that, the admission test of Rajshahi University has started. Apart from these two campuses, one of the public universities of the country, there are several other universities where thousands of students dream of studying. But that dream remains elusive due to the complexity of the admission test. Even if the children of the wealthy do not have the opportunity to get admission in public universities, they have the opportunity to get admission in private or abroad for higher education. But most of the middle class, lower middle class and poor talented students in my country do not have that opportunity. Again, public universities are ranked higher than national universities in all areas of the country, so public universities become their first and only choice. Many people sell livestock, sell food crops, mortgage land or mother’s jewelry to meet the exam expenses. Again it can be seen that after paying all the expenses for coaching, private, books, form fee for the exam, many cannot participate in the exam due to travel expenses. I remember one of my classmate, in 2015 he could not take the exam from Chittagong even with Dhaka University form only because of accommodation and travel expenses. In many cases, even if the cost of transportation is not a problem, accommodation is a problem. It is needless to say how intense the matter is for Chittagong University, 22 km from the city.

During the Chittagong University (CHBI) admission test, I spent a night alone in the balcony of Chabir Central Mosque while dealing with the problem of commuting and accommodation in the city. Meanwhile, a shameful incident happened in Chabi during the last 16th examination. A young man stood on the road in front of the faculty with a few tokens written by Chittagong University shortly before the entrance examination. Saying that the university authorities have prohibited taking phones inside, the young man asked the admission candidates to keep their phones with him. He gives one token to everyone who submitted the phone. But the examinees returned after the examination and did not find the young man. Various such incidents happen around the exam. Just as the university administration cannot avoid its responsibility, the poor management of the university administration must also be accepted.

So now it is time to work on the issue of each university like DU and Guchch. Decentralization of examination centers. As it will reduce the suffering of the examinees, the number of examinees will also increase. No one’s dream of higher education will end prematurely. In the country like bank recruitment and other large number of job recruitment exams also arranging examination in divisional cities is time consuming.

Student, University of Chittagong

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