74 parks will be under DAP

74 parks will be under DAP
74 parks will be under DAP

Dhaka Metropolitan Detailed Area Plan- DAP 2016-35 period notification has been issued. In the newly approved plan issued on August 23, 5 regional parks in addition to the existing parks and playgrounds for an area of ​​1,528 square kilometers of Dhaka metropolis., 55 water-centric parks and 14 ecoparks have been proposed.

The five regional parks are – Narayanganj Regional Park on 146.22 acres at Charbaktavali on the banks of Dhaleswari River in Alirtek Union., Savar Regional Park on 207.17 acres in Diakhali and Tajpur Mauza of Yarpur Union., West Gaon of Kayetpara Union, Rupganj and Kaliganj Regional Park on 645 acres in Purgaon and Chatian Mauza, Keraniganj Regional Park on 545 acres in Mugarpur and Char Chamardaha Mauzas of Ruhitpur and Kalatia Union and Gazipur Regional Park on 282 acres in Sarupaitali and Surabari Mauzas of Ward No. 5 of Gazipur City Corporation.. Apart from this, 14 Ecoparks have been proposed in the approved plan. These parks are – Gazipur Ecopark in Gazipur Bhawal forest area, Snanghata of Uttarkhan, Talna, Uttarkhan Water Centered Ecopark at Bhaturia and Chhota Palasiya Mauza, Zanjira-Baktavali water centric amusement park, Nasirabad Aquatic Amusement Park, Signboard Ecopark, Jhalkudi Water Centered Ecopark, Menikhali Ecopark, Vargao Hydrocentric Ecopark in Tarabor Moikli, Janjir Ecopark in Rupganj Upazila, Buriganga Ecopark in Katsur Mauza, Pitalganj Ecopark in Rupganj, Jalkuri Ecopark at Jalkuri and Deulapara Mauza and Joydevpur Ecopark at Vurulia Mauza in Gazipur.

Apart from this, 55 water-centric parks have been proposed in this plan. Notable among them is Goganchatbari area next to Mirpur embankment, In Sialbari in ward number 6 and 7 of Dhaka North City, Along the road in Mirpur and Kalshi area, In Jamur Mauza of Hemayetpur, Next to Gabtali Bus Terminal, Next to Baunia Mouzay International Airport and next to Dhaka Cantonment, Mirpur Bangla College area, Kalyanpur area, Madani Aquatic Park in Bhatara Mauza, In Satarkul Mauza, Dakshinkhan and Uttarkhan Mauza will have water-centric amusement parks.

Apart from this House Building and Research Institute in Kalyanpur area, Khilgaon Mauza in Sipahibag area and Hajipara area, Dhamsona and Golappram area of ​​Savar, Jahangirnagar Housing Society Area, These water-centric ecoparks will be in Matuail Thana Health Complex area and Matuail Mauza..

As a feature of the Ecopark, it is said that the purpose of this initiative will be to preserve the environment of the region, Development of life and livelihood of common people. If there is a settlement in the designated area of ​​the Ecopark, Ecoparks should be managed in partnership with them rather than evicting or rehabilitating them, rather keeping them in their original habitats..

The ecosystem of this area will be expanded through a hydro-centric ecopark, The balance of the environment will be protected. For example, fish, It will become a breeding ground and shelter for birds and other animals. Native and local professions (agriculture, fishing etc) will expand. The main consumers of the profits from the tourism sector will be the local residents and the local government.

Local biodegradable raw materials (bamboo, reeds etc) should be used. The natural environment of the concerned area should be maintained. Urbanization cannot be done in any way. Government initiatives will invest in these infrastructure sectors (communication systems etc.)., The government will monitor the entire operation and manage the overall operation of the Ecopark in coordination with the local people.

As the proposal for the construction of the regional park is in the DAP, the planner of Jahangirnagar city and regional planning department welcomed the matter. Adil Muhammad Khan. He said,’The detailed zoning plan specifies the location and extent of land for the park.

Now this metropolis can be made livable only if the local authorities fix the action plan and implement the plan.

When asked about this, the Chief Executive Officer of Dhaka South City Corporation Farid Ahmed said,’DAP is the guideline for our development work. We will present the decisions of the DAP in the city corporation meeting. From there we will prepare an action plan and later implement it.

Dhaka North City Corporation Chief Executive Officer Salim Reza said,’DAP has all the decisions, We will try to implement it through coordination with other organizations.He said, Due to the public space crisis in Dhaka city, North City will take the initiative to implement this decision quickly.

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