Barrister Suman said about Mirza Fakhrul

Barrister Suman said about Mirza Fakhrul
Barrister Suman said about Mirza Fakhrul

Supreme Court lawyer Barrister Syed Syedul Haque Sumon said that BNP Secretary General Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir has failed to develop his area after getting the ministry. Who failed to develop the area. How will he develop the country?

He said, Fakhrul is a good person, but he is not the imam of the mosque. He has responsibility for the people of the area. Moreover, he is the leader of the people of the area. He could have launched the airport when he was the Minister of State for Aviation. It’s a shame for him!

He said these things after the friendly football match at Thakurgaon Sugar Mills General Club ground on Friday afternoon. Earlier, barrister Syed Syedul Haque Sumon visited the abandoned Shibganj airport in Thakurgaon.

Barrister Suman said, after Thakurgaon the journey to Syedpur airport. But it is ongoing, Thakurgaon is not done yet. If the airport opens in this district, the fate of the people here will change. Neighboring countries like India and Nepal-Bhutan will use this airport to change the economy of this district. Awami League has been in government for thirteen years. But due to lack of proper leadership, trucks and bikes are running instead of airplanes at the potential airport.

Lawyer barrister Suman said, Thakurgaon people are very simple. I have never seen such kind hearted people anywhere. If the leader ever says – don’t want MP nomination, don’t want Thakurgaon airport. I will say that I do not want MP nomination, I want Thakurgaon Airport to be opened.

Barrister Sumon XI lost 1-0 to Thakurgaon Sugar Mills XI in the match. District Awami League president Muha enjoyed the game. Dignitaries including Sadeq Quraishi.

It has been reported that Barrister Sumon Football Academy will play a friendly football match in Thakurgaon’s Ranishankoil on Saturday (September 10) and Haripur Upazila on Sunday (September 11).

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