Awareness meeting on women’s health 1181812 | The voice of time

Awareness meeting on women’s health 1181812 | The voice of time
Awareness meeting on women’s health 1181812 | The voice of time

After the women’s health awareness meeting, the friends of Dhaka University Shubo Sangh distributed free sanitary napkins to the students.

Bangladesh is moving forward in keeping with the rest of the world. Men and women are playing an equal role in this development of the country. Women are not lagging behind in education or employment. The female students of Dhaka University, the country’s highest university, organized a discussion on these issues.


Various awareness about women’s health came up in the discussion. Recently Shubo Sangh Dhaka University Bangmata Sheikh Fazilatunnesa Mujib Hall branch completed this event. Discussions on women’s health care and sanitary napkins were distributed free of charge. Shubosangh Central Committee’s Secretary for Women’s Affairs Ruhani Khatun, Associate Secretary for Hospitality Affairs Muslimina Sultana, Esha Islam Payal, Irene Ankhi and others participated in the discussion. The cost of sanitary napkins, essential products during periods, is beyond the reach of many. Many people do not know about napkins. Many girls are facing health risks due to not using napkins during menstrual management. The discussion proceeds mainly on these issues.

Bangmata Sheikh Fazilatunnecha Mujib Hall, Bangladesh Kuwait Friendship Hall, Eden College and Govt. Sanitary napkins were distributed among more than half a hundred girls of College of Applied Human Science College. It is tried to spread the idea of ​​how to be by everyone’s side in good work.

Rouhani Khatun said, ‘There was a time when there was no opportunity to openly discuss periods and menstrual problems. Now there is that opportunity. They need to be talked about more. We have to move on. At various times when relief or assistance is provided, sanitary napkins should also be provided. Family as well as mass awareness needs to be created. The cost of sanitary napkins should be made affordable. ‘

Muslimena Sultana said, if every girl is aware, they will be healthy and can focus on work. Above all they will be able to contribute equally to the development of the country. Irene Ankhi said, ‘It was a beautiful and fruitful program. The theme was a little different. We talk a lot about health awareness, but never do it. Thanks to Shuvasangha we have been able to deliver sanitary napkins to more than half a hundred girls. They are quite surprised. An organization does not usually take such steps. The prices of essential health related items are also skyrocketing. When it’s being handed to them for free, it’s natural to be surprised. ‘

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